Baba Is You: New Adventures Solutions V448

This guide will eventually contain step by step solutions to all levels of the official New Adventures level pack by Hempuli.

Warning: These solutions are spoiler heavily.


Land of Delicacies (v448)

01: What Does Baba Eat?
1. Baba Eat Wall And Flag.
2. Use BABA to eat the WALLS around the FLAG, and around the rules Wall Is Stop and Flag Is Stop.
3. Break the rule Baba Eat Wall And Flag.
4. Break the rule Flag Is Stop.

02: I Was Too Hungry…
1. Key Is Push (vertically) with Key one below KEY.
2. Push the rule Key Is Push up two, then push Push out of the way.
3. Push Key Is up two, so that Is ends up on KEY.
4. Key Has Flag.

03: Blow The Candles Out
1. Push Stop down one to break the rule Empty Is Stop and to destroy one GRASS.
2. Use the Stop text to push the top GRASS a few spaces left, then move Empty Is Stop out of the way.
3. Grass Is Push (horizontally) in the same row as the top GRASS, then push all of it left until GRASS is in the column with the gap.
4. Use the Is from Empty Is Stop to push the GRASS up two, so it’s between Keke and Win.
5. Retrieve Grass Is Push and move it into the area with Baba Is You.
6. Baba Eat Empty (horizontal), Empty Is Stop (vertical), Grass Is Push (horizontal).
7. Push the Is down one to form Keke Is Win And Move.
8. Move onto KEKE.

04: Delicious Words
1. Eat the Stop in Hedge Is Stop.
2. Eat the Eat in Baba Eat Text.
3. Push Hedge Is up two, so you can access Hedge.
4. Form Baba Text Hedge Flag Is Win (vertically).
5. Push the previous phrase down one, to free Win.
6. Push Hedge left one.
7. Push Baba Text up one, to free Baba.
8. Push Flag Is down one, to free Is.
9. Form Baba Is Win.

05: The End
1. Push one ROCK into WATER.
2. Push remaining ROCK into second body of WATER.
3. Pillar Is Rock (vertically).
4. Push the Push text box into third body of WATER.
5. Push Rock one below Baba in Baba Is You, then push up one to replace Baba Is You with Rock Is You.
6. Push Rock Is You as far left as possible.
7. Separate the ROCKS so that one stack goes next to Left Is and the other stack stays close to the FLAG.
8. Flag Is Win then move onto FLAG.

06: Last Snack
1. Push Weak up one to break Fruit Is Weak.
2. Push FRUIT left then down to be able to move into main area.
3. Push Hedge Is Hedge up one.
4. Form Hedge Without blank Baba Is You (horizontally).
5. Form blank Is Fruit (vertically) using same blank as in previous step.
6. Push Baba Is You left one, to form Hedge Without Baba Is You and Baba Is Fruit.
7. Move onto the FLAG.

07: Exactly As It Says
1. Not Baba Is You.
2. Move up one, right three, down eight. This gets rid of FLAG and leaves one WATER.
3. Move around a bit to remove final WATER.
4. Replace Not Baba Is You with Baba Is You.
5. Form Hedge Is You (vertically), retaining Baba Is You.
6. Not Baba Is Hedge (horizontally), breaking Baba Is You.
7. Replace Not Baba Is Hedge with Baba Is Hedge.

08: Mixed Identity
1. Me Is Open (horizontally), Me Has Baba (vertically), Baba Is Shut (horizontally).
2. Keke Is Move (horizontally), with Move one up one right of isolated HEDGE.
3. Put spare Me one below Move.
4. Push Move Me up one when KEKE is one right of Me. This forms Keke Is Me, which then produces a BABA and removes ME.
5. Form Baba Is (vertically), with Baba two left of Keke in Keke Is Stop And Defeat.
6. Form Baba Is Win.

09: Feeling Dangerous
1. Flag Is You, then Baba Is Win.

10: Dangerous Feeling
1. Shell Is Flag.
2. Replace Baba Is You with Flag Is You.
3. Flag Has Text (vertically).
4. Destroy one FLAG with text box, e.g. form (vertically) FLAG text FLAG and move up into the HEDGE which is below Flag Feeling Defeat Is Win.
5. Flag Has Flag (vertically) and Flag Is Defeat (horizontally), with the latter done last.

11: Seasick
1. Flag Is Push.
2. Push FLAG up two, to be in same row as Baba Is Green.
3. Break Flag Is Push by pushing Flag away.
4. Push Baba Is Green left until Baba is on top of FLAG This turns the FLAG green.
5. Move onto the FLAG by pushing Baba away.

12: One More With Feeling
1. Push Feeling onto CRAB.
2. Push Crab onto SHELL and ensure that Crab ends up in the Win room.
3. Crab Is Push (horizontally).
4. Go back through SHELL, then push Feeling/CRAB onto top SHELL and get it into Win room.
5. Break Crab Is Push.
6. Push the Is text box (which is near Crab and Stop) so that it ends up one left of Stop.
7. Crab Feeling Stop.
8. Crab Is Push and push CRAB so that CRAB ends up three left of the Stop in Crab Feeling Stop.
9. Break Crab Is Push and push that Is so that it ends up one left of Feeling.
10. Push Is Is down one.
11. Push the bottom Is right one, to form Crab Feeling Stop Is Win.
12. Form Crab Is Stop (horizontally) such that You end up on CRAB.

13: Former Glory
1. Rock Is Revert.
2. Teeth Is Revert.
3. Move onto KEKE.

14: How Time Flies…!
1. Stump Is Push.
2. Push STUMP onto WATER.
3. Push the following onto WATER: Is, Push, Husk, Is.
4. Stump Is Revert.

15: Seasons
1. Stump Is Revert (vertically) using the fixed Is.
2. When you see a SPROUT, form Flower Is Stump.
3. Flower Is Push and use the three separate FLOWERS to remove WATER.
4. Foliage Is Revert.

16: Sneaking About
1. Pumpkin Is Push (vertically), Pumpkin is blank And Key (horizontally), Fruit blank Is Revert (vertically) using the same blank.
2. Push Fruit down one, to form Pumpkin Is Fruit And Key and Fruit Is Revert.
3. Push PUMPKIN into Key Is Weak area, then break Key Is Weak.
4. Push PUMPKIN onto BOX, then move onto FLAG.

A: Appetizer
1. Skull Eat Potato.
2. Eat the three POTATOES.

B: Starter Course
1. Turnip Is Skull.

C: Main Course
1. Drink Is Skull.
2. Move onto BURGER.
3. Wait one turn.

D: Dessert
1. Skull Eat Grass (horizontally).
2. Donut Is Skull (vertically).

Extra 01: Lastest Snack
1. Push Weak up one.
2. Push FRUIT out of way so you can access main area.
3. Push Baba Is You right one.
4. Without Baba Is You (horizontally).
5. Baba Is blank Without Baba Is You (horizontally).
6. Baba Is Fruit Without Baba Is You.
7. Move onto FLAG.

Thanks to SazzyP for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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