Back 4 Blood: Reshade Step-by-step Guide

This is a simple, IN-DEPTH guide: with photo’s detailing every little step on how to get Reshade working with Back4Blood.

IF YOU HAVE A LAPTOP THIS MIGHT NOT WORK! (Lag and other issues have been known for a while with Reshade and Laptops)

Don’t skip any steps and double-check your filepaths and it will work.
If it didn’t work, it’s because you chose the wrong Back4Blood.exe.



Download ReShade

Go to for the latest version of Reshade available. Download it and continue to the next step.

Run ReShade.exe

Go to your Downloads folder and double click (run) ReShade_Setup.exe and a small window will pop up in the middle of your screen.

Applying ReShade

Click the large middle button to start hooking in ReShade to Back4Blood!

Selecting PROPER game Filepath

Now we need to show ReShade the games executable file. So were going to click “Browse” and go into our computers files to find it.

Steam location for Back4Blood

IGNORE THE Back4Blood.exe in this original game folder, it’s the wrong one.

Go to your Back4Blood game files folder and go into the “Gobi” folder within it.

Back4Blood > Gobi > Binaries > Win64

So after we go into the “Gobi” folder, we are going to go into “Binaries” and then the “Win64” folder.

Once there we will be greeted with the TRUE Back4Blood.exe that we need to hook into. So select the only file in here, being Back4Blood.exe and double click it.

Selecting the PROPER graphics driver

This guide is for DirectX so we will be clicking the “Direct3x 10/11/12″ option.”

This guide is not for Vulkan so choose at your own risk, as It probably won’t work as other games I have tried with that option.

Download the required Shaders

All we need are the Standard Effects and SweetFX which should be enabled by default. If they are not for some reason, just click those 2 packages to download and press OK.

Leave all shaders on and click OK

This step is pretty automatic. Just make sure all the effects are enabled to download and click OK.

It’s hooked in! Success! We’re almost done!

You should see this screen pop up, and say it has hooked in successfully on its top bar.
Now its time to fire up the game and mod the profile to our liking in the next step!

Fire up Back4Blood through Steam (or however you start it)

We’re looking for the message in the top left corner upon startup of the game. If you see the ReShade overlay banner, you’ve done well and can follow basic instructions! Congratulations! Now just do that for 2 more small steps and you’re done!

Open the ReShade Menu with the “Home” button above your Arrow keys.
Once there, in the top left, click on settings, and set the reload, and disable buttons to your preferable keys. I keep the home key as my ReShade menu because it doesn’t get in the way.

Turning on the Shaders and tuning them.

So for this guide you are going to enable 4 effects:

Vibrance (Extra vibrance to the coloring)
Vignette (To blend the edges of the screen SLIGHTLY)
LumaSharpen (Crisp up the edge of objects that antialiasing “smooths” out by making blurry)
FakeHDR (Deeper coloring/Better Shadows)

Copy the specific tuning options from the bottom of the image to obtain the same profile that I use to get the end result comparison. Once you click the checkbox for each of these shaders you will will get the tuning options at the bottom of the window.

When you’re done, hit the “Performance Mode” button on the bottom right of the ReShade window to stabilize fps.


***In OLDER VERSIONS*** of ReShade there is a “Clarity” option. This is a fantastic option to clean up the edges of objects in conjunction with Lumasharpen: but it is not required.

Reshade 4.2.1 has this “Clarity” option if you want to try it out.

Google “Reshade Repository” and you will easily find all versions of reshade to try out and can play with the Clarity option among others

Done! Here’s a comparison! Enjoy!

Here is the final result you should have. I am playing in 1440P so if you have a 1080p monitor the pixel density might not quite match, but I assure you if you did the guide, you can see the difference and will never go back.

Enjoy your fancy new-looking game! Play with other options and have some fun when you’re bored!

Thanks to NagsterTheGangster for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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