Bad Dream Stories: Unmedicated Achievement Guide

This will explain how to get the Unmedicated Achievement


We want to keep our insane actions secret from the doctor, and the only way to do that is to make sure to do sane actions first until the doctor is dead and can no longer stop us. So follow these steps and you should be okay.

Bad Dream Stories Unmedicated Achievement Guide
Sane things to do before the doctor dies

1. Use bucket to flush the toilet, get key

2. Use the key on room 14 (Facing the cafeteria)

3. pick up the plate and knife (Don’t do anything else)

4. Go into the cafeteria and place the plate and knife at the desk behind the big guy

5. Leave the cafeteria and go up once and into room 13 (you’ll notice blood on the floor from room 14)

In-Sane things to do after the Doctor is dead

6. In room 13 “touch” the vomit to give you green paint. Leave room 13

7. Go down twice and into room 15 (Your room) and use the vomit on the painting on the Desk, Leave room 15

8. Go up three times and into room 12 (the blood trail leads into this room) touch the body to give you red paint (blood)

9. Go down three times and into room 15 again and put the blood (red paint), on the painting

10. Go up four times and into the room on the left (not the day room) pick up the key on the table next to the body

11. back in the corridor go down once and into the Doctor’s Office, the room facing door 12

12. in the Doctor’s Office grab the Twine on top of the bookshelf and the Stethoscope on top of the desk

13. back in the corridor go down once and give the stethoscope to the nurse standing at the reception get Coin

14. go all the way down to the Coke machine and use the Coin on the machine: Urine Sample collected (Yellow paint)

15. Down and into your Room once more and use the Urine Sample on the painting

16. Back in the Corridor go up once and into the Cafeteria then into the Janitor’s closet

17. Use the Empty Container on the water cooler [Get Poison] go all the way to the top and left into the room facing the Day Room

18. Poison the Worm coming out of the guy on the bed, click the guys stomach wound [Get Thermometer, Normal temperature]

19. There will be two Radiators you can use, one directly when you leave the Worm Room and one beside the Coke Machine
Use the thermometer on the Radiator [Get Thermometer, High Temperature]

20. Show the Thermometer to the Nurse, go to the Worm Room (Facing the Day Room)

21. Give the Twine and Needle to the nurse [Access to the Day Room]

22. Pick up the Crayons on the pool table and go back to your room and use the Crayons on the painting

Achievement [Unmedicated] unlocked YAY

Thanks to The Pink Wonder for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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