Baldi’s Basics Plus: How to Edit Subtitles (How to Revert)

im gonna teach how to edit your subtitles (and how to revert them)


Where to find the game files
to edit subtitles you gonna need to find the games files. now the easy way is to Right Click on the game and select Browse Local Files.

or you could go to
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Baldi’s Basics Plus

Where to find Subtitles
now that you are in the game files folder go to

now click on Subtitles_EN.json
(i would suggest using ATOM to edit it but you could open it in notepad)

Editing subtitles
now you are in the json file find the subtitle you want to change like the ruler slap subtitle

make sure to only edit stuff inside quotations or else it could screw up the game.

Now launch the game, Make subtitles are on, and see the desired results.

How to Revert
if you dont want your game to be meme hell for the rest of time. heres how to revert these changes.

1. Go back to Subtitles_En.json

2. Find the subtitle you Edited

3. Replace the text with the original

such as
{“key”:”Vfx_Playtime_WannaPlay”,”value”:”I wanna play with someone!”},

launch the game.

Subtitle Easter eggs and Disclaimer.
i am not held accountable for broken games. i just tried to make a guide detailing how to edit subtitles in a trend game.

so heres some easter eggs in the .json file.

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