Barclay The Marrowdale Murder Walkthrough

Just follow the story and the story will move to Act Two by itself. I don’t think choosing any options affect the story so feel free to choose whatever you want.

You need to gather all of the clues in Act Two.
– Inspect the whiskey bottle, chess board, chair, and the body (search and inspect it) inside William’s office.
– Exit the room afterwards.

– Inspect the plant near William’s office.

– Enter the room to the right of you and inspect the bottles.

– Head upstairs and enter the first room you find (Luke’s room).
– Look under the sofa and inspect the desk.

– Exit the room and enter the next room (Melody’s room).
– Inspect the journal near the mirror.

– Exit the room and enter the last room (the parents’ room).
– Inspect the drawer near the bed.

– Head downstairs, go to the southeasternmost room and head downstairs (again).
– Enter the left room (cook’s room).
– Inspect the bed and whiskey.

– Exit the room and enter the right room (the butler’s room).
– Inspect the desk.

After you finished gathering the clues, talk to your partner and begin the questioning. Select all the choice that you can find to learn some clues. Don’t forget to ask Yang about Sam after you talk to Sam too. After you finished, talk to your partner again and begin the accusation. If you haven’t collected all clues at this point, try to talk to everyone about everything again in case you missed some clues. Also, make sure you have finished reading all the clues and save beforehand.

Choose whoever you think the murderer is. The game will let you know if you guess it right in the end. The game will also show what that person did during the night. If you just want to know the answer, the culprit is Luke Marrowdale.

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