Battlefield™ 2042: How to Fix PC Restart Suddenly

Is your PC acting as if an annoying sibling walked by and clicked the restart button on your case in the middle of your game?
Does your entire PC restart without warning, no heat issue, no RAM issue, etc etc etc?
Have you troubleshot everything, and everything is fine?
I might have your solution.


What caused it?

After long, grueling hours wondering and wondering why THIS PARTICULAR game and its beta was resetting my PC, it turned out to be something pretty hidden (for a casual user).

CPU power draw.

The game makes demands, and the CPU tries to take in more power to accommodate and goes over the limit, it trips the internal safeguards, doing its job to save your hardware from damage.

We’re going to set a limit for the CPU using Windows. It won’t impact performance enough to make it not worth it, and can even improve thermals as a side effect!

What to do

We’re going to set a CPU power limit to give the PC some breathing room and put Battlefield in its place.

Google has us covered, this link will give you the necessary steps:

While written for laptops, this applies to desktops as well.

Set your minimum processor state to your own comfort zone under 90%


The MAXIMUM PROCESSOR STATE is what we need! Select the blue text and decrease from 100% to between 95% and 98%. This is the sweet spot that will keep you up and running with little to no performance drop.

Go try it

Hopefully this solves your restart problem the way it solved mine!

Since implementing this limit, Battlefield has not crashed at all, other games are still at the same performance before this change, and my thermals have improved as well.

I acknowledge that this might not work for everyone, or be an option, but it’s worth a try, right?

Thanks to Popcorn for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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