Battlefield 3™: How to Fix Game Not Launching

For anyone who has been having issues launching Battlefield 3 lately, this is the guide for you!


Battlefield 3 Not Opening
Don’t you love it when you just bought Battlefield 3 on Steam and it…doesn’t launch?
This guide will fix the infinite loading loop on the battlelog website, whether it be starting the campaign or joining a multiplayer server.

How to Fix
Please be aware, before doing the following to make sure Battlefield 3 is NOT running in Task Manager (sometimes the .exe can be hiding in Background processes).

Simply, open your File Explorer and go to the following directory

C:\ProgramData\Electronic Arts\EA Services\License

Here you may see many files, go ahead and delete them all, once you’ve done this, restart your browser, then try launching the game again through the web launcher.

If The Fix Above Doesn’t Work
I recommend you doing one or multiple of the following.

Verify the game files through Steam.
Re-install the game.
Restart your PC.
Try launching the game through a different Browser (Firefox/Chrome recommended).

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