Battlefield V Tides of War Plan And FireStrom Arrives 4 Month After Launching

If you are looking for the Battle Royale mode FireStrom of Battlefield V, you’ll probablly be disapointed, because it won’t comes out until spring 2019. We don’t have any more information about the FireStrom yet, and today, we will principally take about the Tide of War’s plan and its details. Here’s what EA has revealed […]

Battlefield V Weapons Details Change Progression DICE Is Listening To Players

DICE Engagement Designer, Erik Ortman, took the lead in explaining how they are improving Battlefield V weapons. The first thing he cleared up (via Twitter), is that the feature was incorrectly called “Upgrades” in the beta. The correct term is “Specializations.” Every weapon and vehicle Specialization tree now offer a choice for how the player wants […]