Battlefield V The Last Tiger Campaign Is Coming In December

EA just dropped the single player trailer of Battlefield V, and now we have more information about the battlefield V campaign mode! Straight from DICE, there will be four War Stories available, with The Last Tiger set to drop sometime in December. Read up on each known War Story below.

The War Stories

Each War Story transports you to a different part of the war. The ones available at launch and directly after include the below.

  • Prologue: Take on an intense introduction to the world of Battlefield V.
  • NordlysSet in an occupied Norway that has not known peace since the war beganthis story involves a young resistance fighter who learns of a dangerous scheme while rescuing one of her own. Her story centers on not only her fight for her country’s liberation from occupying forces, but her family’s survival.
  • Under No FlagThis is a story about grit, determination and second chances. You’ll fight in the boots of Billy Bridger, a criminal pulled from a London jail for a chance of redemption alongside a Special Boat Section unit. What he lacks in experience he makes up for in perseverance.
  • Tirailleur: It’s high-intensity all-out infantry warfare, where Senegalese units of the French Colonial Forces fight to liberate the French “homeland” that they’ve never even seen before.
  • The Last Tiger (arriving December): In the twilight of WW2, the German Army descends into chaos. Under the command of a veteran officer, a lone Tiger tank crew begins to question the ideology that got them to this point.


Source: EA

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