Beach Buggy Racing 2 Tips & Tricks (How to Be Good)

Beach Buggy Racing 2 is always fun to play and exciting but sometimes the AI is pretty tough and you can’t win a race and Relaxing difficulty is also hard for new players joining the game and I like that AI strikes you but sometimes it’s a lot. Hey Guys! Welcome to my guide and I’ll explain that how you can be good at Beach Buggy Racing 2.Let’s Begin!

1.Knowing of Powerups:- Powerups or Items are really important in a kart racing game because these things can help you or put you down.So, if you’re new to this game then you wouldn’t know that there are so many items you can use in this game and you need to know that what item does what and I’ll fully explain every item in this. Let’s Start:-

1) Earth Strike:- A powerful sonic strike that cracks the earth and sends cars flying high.
2) Dodgeball Fury:-Hurl a few dodgeballs to bounce off walls and into opponents, tossing them from their cars and bringing back some haunting playground memories.
3) Ball ‘n’ Chain:- Pin a giant.3-ton ball and chain to the rear bumpers to the cars in front of you.
4) Fireball:- When this powerful missile explodes, it engulfs anything nearby in a great ball of fire.Goodness gracious!
5) Tiki Seeker:- This enchanted weapon actually homes in on it’s the target and when it hits: COWABUNGA!
6) Barrage:- Everyone can appreciate a spectacular fireworks display! Except the guys and gals in front of you.They’re gonna get blown up.
7) Warp Speed:- Sometimes pedal-to-the-metal just isn’t enough.At Warp Speed,they’ll be eating your dust in the blink of an eye!
8) Rocket Boost:- Get a speed boost,like a rocket.Pretty self-explanatory.Just make sure you don’t boost yourself off a cliff!
9) Big Bang:- This massive blast of cosmic energy will have the racer in 1st place (and anyone nearby) seeing stars.
10) Pickpocket:- Much like stolen food tastes better,there’s something extra satisfying about nabbing a powerup or two from the car in first place.
11) Hamster Ball:- Want your opponents to have a ball? That’s kind but it’ll be hard to thank you as they roll all over the track.
12) Lightning Strike:- Shock the car in front of you with a powerful blast of electricity,holding them in place.
13) Tesla Coil:- Just a little zap will stun any cars that get too close,And you don’t even have to shuffle your feet on the carpet.
14) Cure:- Think Chicken crate’s for the birds? Lunar Gravity got you down? Here’s the cure for what ails you! Chug this elixir to fix persisent effects.
15) Special Delivery:- Each car ahead gets their own nasty surprise.
16) Firework:- This basic missile detonates into a sparking explosion of celebration!
17) Junk in the Trunk:- Drop breakable obstacles to slow down your enemies and include explosive materials.
18) Freeze Ray:- Encase your opponents in a giant block of ice and watch as they shiver.Slide and try not to shatter into a million pieces.
19) Fake:- Imagine the surprise when this fiendish Fake locks up an unwary racer’s powerup slot.Drop it on a real powerup to be extra sneaky.
20) Cluck Crate:- It’s pretty tough to drive with a flattened chicken in your face but at least you’re not the chicken!
21) Big Tires:- Instantly inflate the tires of all the cars ahead to gigantic,extra-bouncy proportions. BOING,BOING!
22) Mystery Crate:- Drop to deliver a surprise effect.
23) Dyn-O-Mite:- The cars in front of you had better drive carefully.Give ’em the tiniest bump and it’s KA-BOOM!
24) Lunar Gravity:- You know what’s funny? Lowering gravity on the cars in front of you when they least expect it.
25) Earthquake:- Shake,rattle and roll the players in front of you with the mighty Earthquake!
26) Oil Slick:- Splatter a slip-Slidey pool of oil on the ground and watch your opponents spin!
27) Boost Juice:- Strap a couple of Nitrous Oxide tanks to your engine and flip the switch for a fast and furious speed boost.
28) Jacks:- Nobody really knows how to play Jacks.So you might as well just toss them on the ground to create a permanent tire-busting obstacle.
29) Jammer:- Ah.the wonders of electronics.what wonders,you ask? Well,you can shut down any nearby cars steering,leaving them totally helpless!
30) Spring:- Set a trap to spring unlucky drivers high into the air.Works even better near cliffs!
31) Remote Control:- A quick burst of radio waves let’s you control of other cars and steer them into peril.Hilarious!
32) Shield:- If they can shoot it,you can block it.Just make sure you’re out of the fray before your shield runs out.
33) Haze of Confusion:- Leave a mental miasma for the unlucky racers behind you–they won’t know right from left!
34) Tornado:- This whirling swirl of twirling retribution spins it’s target round and round.Barf bags not included.
35) Donut Tires:- Be a good sport and give donuts to the racers ahead! Sweet to eat,but slow to drive on…Who knew donuts could be so versatile?
36)Angry Bess:- When you drive through this swarm,it’s not the sting that gets you.It’s driving off a cliff while you swat a thousand angry bees.
37) Police Chase:- Breaker,Breaker! This powerup gives you license to speed and break everything in your path.
38) Angry Bull:- Crates in the way? Some car has the nerve to pass you? Get angry and smash ’em! Then take some deep breaths.It’s just a game,you know.

Whew! Now the items is done and now to the next thing!

2) Knowing of Maps:- When you select a track and race with AI Bots then if it’s your first time on the map then it’s hard for you to know that where you gotta go.The first time you’re racing on a new map that you’ve not seen before then you need to play on Relaxed difficulty so you can know about the maps.There are 10 Tracks right now available in Beach Buggy Racing 2 which are:-

1) Gold Rush Ridge
2) Tropic De Coco
3) Emberhall
4) Crab Cove
5) Mushroom Grotto
6) Biodome Delta
7) Scroching Sands
8) Blizzard Vale
9) Paradise Beach
10) The Wasteland

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