Before I Forget Walkthrough

A simple walkthrough to reach the credits of Before I Forget. I have tried to keep it as spoiler free as possible for those who have found themselves stuck but would like to experience the full story. This walkthrough does not cover achievements.



You begin the game in Sunita’s porch. Your view is blurred and the tutorial controls appear to show you how to move and look around. On keyboard this is using the WASD Keys and Mouse on gamepad this is using Left Stick and Right Stick.

To continue from the porch you will need to move away from the front door and find the glasses on the desk.

In Before I Forget when you hover the cursor at the center of the screen over an interactable object, the name of the object will appear and you can use Mouse Left Click or (A) on a gamepad to interact with it.

Interact with the glasses and they will appear in front of you. To put them away use Left Click or (A) again.

The blur effect will disappear and you can now click on the inside door to continue into the house and our of the porch.


Once you have left the porch you are free to walk through the corridor and explore Sunita’s house interacting with the objects to piece together her story.

To advance the story you need to initiate the bathroom sequence. To do this enter the third door along the corridor to Sunita’s bedroom and then leave again into the corridor.

Once you have entered the bedroom and walked back out again the lights will switch off and you will need to lead Sunita to the bathroom.

Enter any door along the corridor and you will be taken to the closet. Leave the closet and open another door. You will return to the closet again. Repeat this until you open the door to the bathroom. Wait until the screen goes black and Sunita awakes in bed.


When Sunita wakes up in bed the alarm clock will be ringing. Turn and interact with the alarm clock to get out of bed.

You can now explore the house once more. To advance the story again enter the Computer Room by entering the next door along the corridor past the bedroom door.

Computer Room

Once you have entered the Computer Room you can continue the story by approaching the phone on the shelf and listening to the voicemail.

Once the voicemail has finished you will need to interact with the Starmap on the wall before you can enter the Kitchen and advance the story.

This will begin the first constellation sequence.

First Constellation

Once you have interacted with the Starmap in the Computer Room you will begin the first Constellation sequence. To return to the house you need to find the stars by moving around the Starmap with the look controls.

Find Pegasus toward the bottom left of the map. Once you have moved close to it with the cursor the screen will automatically center on it and you will be prompted to find some stars.

The stars are left of Pegasus and can be seen glowing. Highlight all four of them by moving close. Once you have highlighted all 4 stars you will be asked to find Andromeda which is just above and to the left of the stars. Move close to it and the Constellation sequence will end.

Hover below to reveal an image of the full starmap.

Dining Room

Once you have listened to the voicemail and exited the first Constellation sequence you need to enter the Dining Room through the Kitchen door at the end of the corridor to advance the story. Before you can open the door you need to enter the Bathroom at which point the first Rain sequence will start. Once it has finished you can enter the Kitchen through the door at the end of the corridor.

Once you have entered the Kitchen you can continue through into the Dining Room and find the Telescope to enter the second Constellation sequence.

Second Constellation

Once you have interacted with the Telescope in the Dining Room and begun the second Constellation sequence you will be asked to find two stars. They can both be found on the right side of the sky.

After finding the first two stars you need to find the third star just below. Once you find all 3 it will zoom out and continue to the second part of the Constellation sequence.

In the second part you want to move left to find the large star. Once you move close it will highlight and you will be asked to find the three stars above it. Move close and you will complete the constellation and return to the house.

If you become stuck try moving around the right side of the sky in the first part or left side of the sky in the second part until you see the faint yellow glow around the stars.


After finishing the second Constellation sequence triggered by using the Telescope you will appear in the Study. To advance the story interact with the radio in the Kitchen and tune it all the way to the right by using the Mouse or joystick.

This will move you into the Dining Room and begin the next sequence. To continue leave through the archway.

Third Constellation

After tuning the Radio and leaving the dining room you will see another rain sequence and appear back in the Dining Room with a candle on the table. Interact with the plate of food to continue the story.

Once the sequence has finished you will stand up. To advance the story move into the Kitchen and interact with the Teacup on the floor to begin the third constellation sequence.

The first stars can be found by going up. Move close to all 4 to highlight them.

Then highlight the three to the left to finish the Constellation sequence.

Long Corridor

Once you have finished the third Constellation sequence triggered by interacting with the teacup you will appear in Sunita’s bedroom cupboard. To advance the story exit the bedroom and walk along the corridor toward the Kitchen. Instead of a door there is a Radio. Interact with the Radio and you will move into the long corridor.

Continue walking along the corridor until you eventually reach the door. Open the door to enter the Living Room.

Living Room

Once you have entered the living room you can interact with the record player to advance the story. You will need to wait for the dialogue to finish to interact with the record player.

Once the piano has appeared you can interact with the card on the piano stool to advance the story.

Once the table has appeared between the doors you can interact with the newspaper to advance the story further.

Once the dialogue has finished you can exit the Living Room into the Garden.

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