Being a DIK: Console Commands & How to Enable (Season 2 Included)

Ever get tired of finding out that you missed that one lewd scene because it’s locked behind a paywall? Or that you find out that your last save was all the way back at the local corner shop in Season 1 when you’ve already spent 2 hours skipping your way through exams and cutscenes only to realise that your Δik affinity effectively ruined your entire playthrough? Or do you just simply want to ♥♥♥♥ around with the game and explore it (or exploit it) for all that it’s worth?

Guide contains instructions on how to enable console and several console commands that have been found to work.



Yes, welcome to the money generator guide. Some may ask that why a guide such as this is necessary; when the game prides itself on replayability and that money isn’t even that hard to grind in the first place. All very valid points. However this guide is merely created as an effort for those who wish to mess around with the game via console commands or explore the game in its entirety without wasting too much time replaying the entire thing again.

Disclaimer: Enabling the console WILL disable Achievements. It is recommended that you disable the console before achieving a particular scene and then allow it to play it out if you are gunning for achievements such as unlocking all lewd scenes or artwork.

How to enable BAD console?

Being a ΔIK [BAD] runs on the RenPy Console, and enabling this particular console is very easy when it comes to BAD.

Step 1: Go to where ever BAD is installed. In this case; the games files would be located on your hard drive > Steam > steamapps > common > Being a ΔIK. Alternatively, one could also right click Being a ΔIK within your steam library, click properties, head to the local files tab, then click browse local files – and from there you will be presented with the games files.

Step 2: What you’re looking for is within the “renpy” folder, followed by the “common” folder.

Step 3: The particular file that we want is titled “00console.rpy”, NOT 00console.rpyc. The correct file is illustrated in the following image.

Step 4: Open this file using a software such as Notepad or Notepad++. Next press Ctrl+F and search for the following line: config.console = False.

Step 5: Finally to enable the console, simply change the “False” to “True”. Remember that doing this will disable achievements and it will need to be reverted back to False in order to enable achievements once more.

Congratulations, you now have access to to the command console and can now have some fun.

Step 6: In order to activate the console in-game, you have to press Shift+O and you will be greeted with a display such as this:

From here on, you may use the appropriate commands to whichever scenario you find yourself in.

Cheats that I have been able to find

Now lets get to the fun stuff; simply enter these commands within the renpy console display and the effects should take place immediately.

General Cheats

Changing your ΔIK status:

dk = [preferred number]

Influencing the amount of money you have:

money = 1-10

Influencing the amount of RP points you have:

RP[name] = [preferred number] e.g. RPjosy = 10

[note]: I have read else where that these names are confirmed to work with the RP console command , this command may not work with characters such as Derek.

  • Josy
  • Maya
  • Sage
  • Isabella
  • Jill
  • diks
  • preps (season 2)
Season 2 specific Cheats

Changing the amount of mansion money you have:

mansion_money = [preferred number]

Changing the stats of the DIKS crew in mansion mini-game:


mStatClean = [100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100]


mStatBuild = [100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100]


mStatWork = [100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100]


mStatSalvage = [100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100]

Changing the overall gamescore of the mansion minigame::

mansion_score = [preferred number]

This guide may be updated in the near future if there is anything else that can be drastically altered or changed.

Thanks to Wølf for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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