Being a DIK: How to Get All Achievements (Steam Version)

For some of these achievements you will need to finish out the episode in order to unlock them. This tripped me up when going for 100%. Unmissable Achievements The Initiation Completed Episode 1 Maggot Brothers Completed Episode 2 100% Completed Episode 3 When Worlds Collide Completed Episode 4 Test Related Achievements Jumble Master 100% English […]

Being a DIK: All Wallpapers Guide (How to Unlock)

You have eight wallpapers you can unlock for your phone and here is how you get them. These are all unlocked during episode 3 so this whole section has SPOILERS for the episode. Proceed with caution. Isabella’s Wallpaper – Easiest on a CHICK playthrough since the goal here is getting on Bella’s good side by the time […]

Being a DIK: All Test Answers (Episode 1-7)

Here are all the test answers in Being a DIK, this guide is based on Steam Version.   Episode 1 – The Initiation English Class 3-Letter Words GIT HIS HIT LIT ITS SIT 4-Letter Words GILT GIST GITS HILT HITS LIST SH*T SIGH SILT SLIT THIS 5-Letter Words HILTS LIGHT SIGHT 6-Letter Words LIGHTS SLIGHT Math […]