Betrayal At Club Low: 100% Achievement Guide

Here is a guide on how to get all the achievements in this pizza simulator.


Self-explanatory achievements

Their descriptions explicitly state how to obtain these.

Frugal Patron
Have $200 in cash on hand.

You get $27 for showing up, and $20 for discovering these areas:

  • Coat room
  • Kitchen
  • Garage
  • Green room
  • VIP back room

Also helpful:

  • The VIP back room ingredient box contains the x3 multiplier.
    (next to the area where Big Mo is sitting, can be unlocked from the security terminal)
  • You can get the $8 pizza ingredient from pick-pocketing the masked individual.

Solid Game Night
Have one playthrough last at least 3 hours. AFKing works.

Twilight Warrior
Beat the game without dying in 4AM mode.

Iron Pizza Chef
Beat the game without dying in Iron Pizza mode.

See all 11 endings. See below.

Not so self-explanatory achievements

Fancy Jacket acquired.
Convince the coat-check attendant to give you the jacket hanging behind her.

Seeing Emotions
Interface with the security terminal in the security room upstairs.

Wearing the Fierce Mask
Convince the lady at the bar to take off her mask and give it to you.

A Spiked-Fruit Pizza
Convince Jorg upstairs in the Green Room to taste your fruit.

DJ Master
Pass two out of three checks while DJ’ing.

Some helpful condition dice:

  • Pass the check on the mixing station (after getting the music engineer to leave)
  • Get the best drinks from the bar
  • Successfully dance in the crowd
  • Observe Blueprint’s DJ’ing up close
  • Wear the dazzling jacket

The Beast Mobile
Pass the check on the car in the garage to get it working again.

Fooled Mo
Say the escape phrase to Gemini Jay, then pass the next roll.

Mortified By Bad Faith
Obtain the “Mortified” condition die.
(I got this after failing a roll on the dance floor)

Ending Achievements

Spoiler Alert!!!

There are 11 endings to be seen. You’ll get the Completionist achievement after unlocking all of them. Some endings have multiple ways of being unlocked, such as different escape options leading to the same ending.

Ending #1: Twilight Diner
[1] Don’t DJ.
[2] Escape via the front door.
[3] Fail to convince Gemini Jay to finish the mission.
[4] Choose the 2nd option (go to Twilight’s Diner).

Ending #2: The Circus Rides Again
[1] Escape via the front door.
[2] Convince Gemini Jay to finish the mission.

Ending #3: The Bridge
[1] Escape via the garage.
[2] Convince Gemini Jay to finish the mission.

Ending #4: The DJ Dome
[1] Be a terrible DJ in the booth.
[2] Escape via the front door or garage.
[3] Fail to convince Gemini Jay to finish the mission.

Ending #5: The Gig
Same as Ending #4, but this time, be a great DJ in the booth (see DJ Master).

Ending #6: Big Mo!
[1] Escape via the front door.
[2] Fail to convince Mo after saying the escape phrase.
[3] Fail the roll against Mo and his goons.

Ending #7: Couched
Same as Ending #1, but choose the 1st option (read a book on the couch).

Ending #8: The Inner Game
Same as Ending #1, but choose the 3rd option (watch tennis at Jade’s Bar).

Ending #9: Eight Sides To Every Story
[1] Discover Gemini Jay’s secret identity (pass a check on the radio in the VIP room)
[2] Escape via the garage.
[3] Pass a check on Gemini Jay.
[4] Let him take you to the Octagon.

Ending #10: Deep Exhaustion
Run out of Health.

Ending #11: Nerve Burned
Run out of Nerve.

Thanks to SkyDivingL for his excellent guide, all credit to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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