BIOMUTANT: How to Turn off Motion Blur & Narrator

BIOMUTANT is now out as we expected. here is method for you to turn off Motion Blur or the Narrotor.


How to Turn off Motion Blur?

Navigate to “%localappdata%\Biomutant\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor”, open Engine.ini and add:



(for chromatic abberation it should be)

also under [SystemSettings]

Credit to gagibohne


How to Turn off the Narrator?

Narrator relevant Settings

A simple screenshot explains it all.

Under “Frequency” set Narrator to 0, which will only remove his speeches outside of missions.

Under “Volume” set Speech to 0, mutes all speeches. (creatures talk gibberish, so those will not be affected by this setting.)

Subtitles under “General” are subtitles for narration outside of gibberish talks. you’d better have it turned on, as the narrator does have some informative information about certain missions from time to time.

Credit to Amethyst
That’s all we share the method for you to turn off the Narrator or Motion Blur. if you have any other issues. please let me know.

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