BioShock 2 Remastered: Save Files for Collectable & Missable Achievements

A bunch of selected saves I was copying during my play, before interacting with the last item, object, etc


Looks Familiar? D:

I saw that message over 50 times. -_- Must have been extremely unlucky.

More reasons to share these save files, right?

Links and Locations
Back up your own save files first!
1) They can be found at: C:\Users\username\Documents\BioshockHD\BioShock2\SaveGames
2) Download my files from:
3) Disable vita-chambers before loading up difficulty saves.

Difficulty and Persons Related

Some interactions still require a bit of effort i.e. harvesting the last angel, throwing an object, etc.


Load up

1_3_2021_11_34_58 – to get Savior (Saved every Little Sister and spared Grace, Stanley, and Gil.)
Just walk towards the elevator. Mine “Savior” popped up when I approached it, the save was made moments before that.

1_3_2021_11_10_55 – to get Dealt with Every Little Sister.
Rescue the last little sister.

1_3_2021_16_15_10 – to get

  • Against All Odds (Finished the game on the hardest difficulty level.)
  • Big Brass Balls (Finished the game without using Vita-Chambers.)

Weapons, Plasmids


Load up
  • 1_2_2021_13_36_38 – Fully Upgraded a Weapon (or Upgraded a Weapon)
    Either fully upgrade the Rivet gun, or select any other.
  • 1_3_2021_15_46_25 – All Weapons Upgrades

1_2_2021_21_44_46 – Trap Master
There are two enemies running after you. Run them in circles until they get killed.

1_3_2021_13_17_24 – Max Plasmid Slots

1_3_2021_13_30_22 – All Plasmids

Combat related
1_2_2021_14_11_38 –

  • Master Protector (Got through a Gather with no damage and no one getting to the Little Sister.)
  • One Research Track (Maxed out one Research Track.)

Keep recording enemies during the fight. If you lucky enough, you’ll max out the research and keep the girl unharmed.

1_3_2021_22_3_1 – Research Master (Completed all research on every subject in Rapture.)
Different scenario with this save. Change the entire folder! Start recording the Big Daddy and initiate a fight with him. 129 points should do the trick.

1_2_2021_14_59_52 – Look at You, Hacker (Killed 50 enemies using only hacked Security.)
Survive for a moment, while a dron is killing enemies.

1_2_2021_22_1_12 – Master Gatherer (Gather 600 ADAM with Little Sisters.)
I believe this file was made before one gathering.

1_2_2021_22_18_24 – Master Hacker (Hacked 30 machines at a distance with the Hack Tool.)
There are multiple cameras to your left. Hacking 3 will do the trick.



Load up

1_2_2021_11_46_15 – 9 irony (Paid your respects to the founder of Rapture.)
Throw the golf club into Ryan’s head.

For the audio diaries, either pick up 100th from

Or try taking the very last audio from another location.

Minerva’s Den


Load up

1_5_2021_21_16_22 – Garbage Collection (Destroyed all 10 Vacuum Bots in Minerva’s Den)
There it is. The last sucker. ;D

1_6_2021_19_30_26 – ADAM Addict (Resolved all the Little Sisters in Minerva’s Den)
You have the pleasure of harvesting the last angel, then rescue the little girl.

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    How can I get your save files? you didn’t put how to get those…

      Robins Chew

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      Sorry for that. Update with the download link. enjoy it.

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