Bitburner: How to Scan Every Server

This script will reveal every server in Bitburner, even include those hided ones.


How to Scan Every Server

Here is the code:

var playerServers = ['home', 'Server1'];
var serverChecked = [];
var checkList = [];

/** @param {NS} ns **/
export async function main(ns) {
    await ServersScan(ns, 'home');
    await printArray(ns, serverChecked);

/** @param {NS} ns **/
async function ServersScan(ns, target) {
    var servers1 = await ns.scan(target);
    for (var server in servers1) {
        if (!checkList.includes(servers1[server])) {
    var flag = true;
    while (flag) {
        flag = false;
        for (var i = 0; i < checkList.length; i++) {
            var servers = await ns.scan(checkList);
            if (!serverChecked.includes(checkList)) {
            for (var server in servers) {
                if (!checkList.includes(servers[server])) {
    // remove player servers from serverChecked
    for (var server in playerServers) {
        for (var i = 0; i < serverChecked.length; i++) {
            if (serverChecked == playerServers[server]) {
                serverChecked.splice(i, 1);

async function printArray(ns, serverList) {
    for (var server in serverList) {
        ns.print(serverList[server] + "\n");
        ns.tprint(serverList[server] + "\n");

User menu: 
1. Create a new .js script
nano whateverthenameis.js
2. Copy past the code. I guess everyone knows how to do that!
    1)  The button on the left button corner of your keyboard which has "ctrl" printed on it, press it down first, hold it, and press "c" meanwhile. Then, release both. 
    2)  Go to the script you just created. 
    2)  Press done "ctrl" again and hold it, and press "v" in the meanwhile. 

3. Save it and run it!
run whateverthenameis.js

it should print something like this: 

auto.js: n00dles
auto.js: foodnstuff
auto.js: sigma-cosmetics
auto.js: joesguns
auto.js: hong-fang-tea
auto.js: harakiri-sushi
auto.js: iron-gym
auto.js: darkweb
auto.js: max-hardware
auto.js: zer0
auto.js: nectar-net
auto.js: CSEC
auto.js: neo-net
auto.js: phantasy
auto.js: omega-net
auto.js: silver-helix
auto.js: the-hub
auto.js: netlink
auto.js: johnson-ortho
auto.js: avmnite-02h
auto.js: comptek
auto.js: crush-fitness
auto.js: catalyst
auto.js: syscore
auto.js: I.I.I.I
auto.js: rothman-uni
auto.js: summit-uni
auto.js: zb-institute
auto.js: lexo-corp
auto.js: alpha-ent
auto.js: millenium-fitness
auto.js: rho-construction
auto.js: aevum-police
auto.js: galactic-cyber
auto.js: aerocorp
auto.js: global-pharm
auto.js: snap-fitness
auto.js: omnia
auto.js: unitalife
auto.js: deltaone
auto.js: defcomm
auto.js: solaris
auto.js: icarus
auto.js: univ-energy
auto.js: zeus-med
auto.js: infocomm
auto.js: taiyang-digital
auto.js: zb-def
auto.js: nova-med
auto.js: titan-labs
auto.js: applied-energetics
auto.js: microdyne
auto.js: run4theh111z
auto.js: fulcrumtech
auto.js: stormtech
auto.js: helios
auto.js: vitalife
auto.js: kuai-gong
auto.js: .
auto.js: omnitek
auto.js: 4sigma
auto.js: clarkinc
auto.js: powerhouse-fitness
auto.js: b-and-a
auto.js: blade
auto.js: nwo
auto.js: ecorp
auto.js: megacorp
auto.js: fulcrumassets
auto.js: The-Cave

Thanks to Bloodly Hell Cat~ for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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Post Author: Robins Chew

4 thoughts on “Bitburner: How to Scan Every Server


    (January 9, 2022 - 3:54 pm)

    I cannot get this code to work. That is all.


    (January 15, 2022 - 5:47 pm)

    It throws an error message “48:3 sorry we cannot be more helpful”


      (January 21, 2022 - 5:10 pm)

      Looks like the t missing from ns.tprint( on line 48


    (January 28, 2022 - 6:29 pm)

    Since this was lazily just copied from the steam post, “Robins Chew” didn’t test it. The problem is that the references to `checkList` on lines 22-24 (where 22 is `var servers = await ns.scan(checkList);`) all need “[i]” after the references to `checkList`.

    So those three lines should look like this:

    var servers = await ns.scan(checkList[i]);
    if (!serverChecked.includes(checkList[i])) {

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