Bitburner: Unorthodox Automation & In-game Modding

While the normal functions passed down through scripts can do most things, but since we can run javascript, we can use the document to do even more.   Basic Usage “document” is the javascript keyword for the entire webpage. The way Bitburner is written, the game is basically a webpage put inside a native application, […]

Bitburner: Scan/Nuke/Money Script (Working 2022)

Another script that automates scanning, nuking and making money. This one however accounts for not having TOR, or port-openers.   Bitburner Scan/Nuke/Money Script /** @param {NS} ns **/ export async function main(ns) { var torVorh= false; //First things first, do we have a TOR? torVorh=ns.getPlayer().tor; if(torVorh==false){ //No TOR, return to terminal //ns.purchaseTor() ns.tprint(“Kein TOR!!!”); return; […]

Bitburner: How to Scan Every Server

This script will reveal every server in Bitburner, even include those hided ones.   How to Scan Every Server Here is the code: var playerServers = [‘home’, ‘Server1’]; var serverChecked = []; var checkList = []; /** @param {NS} ns **/ export async function main(ns) { await ServersScan(ns, ‘home’); await printArray(ns, serverChecked); } /** @param {NS} […]

Bitburner: Simple Hacknet Manager

A simple hacknet manager to purchase all the hacknet upgrades for you in an efficient way.   Setup Simply create a .js file and paste the code below nano nameOfYourFile.js Note: This script requires 6.1GB of memory available Script code export async function main(ns) { let delayTime = ns.args[0] || 1000; let thresholdMultiplier = ns.args[1] || […]

Bitburner: How to Autocomplete Your Scripts in VSCode

A short guide that describes how to set up autocompletion for the games own code classes inside Visual Studio Code, so you can write your scripts outside of the game.   How to do it. Create a new empty folder/directory for your scripts. Go to the games official github, and download the “NetscriptDefinitions.d.ts” file: Put […]