Black Mesa: How to Change Language

A simple way to change language without editing/configuring/modding the game files.

Currently Black Mesa not fully support game ui languages at all, and some peoples want change it to English without mods, download any files, switching Steam interface language, etc…

This guide helps you to do that in some simple steps.


Just follow this steps:
  1. Exit from Black Mesa
  2. Go to Steam>LIBRARY>select Black Mesa>click Right Mouse Button
  3. Choose Properties…>click SET LAUNCH OPTIONS…
  4. Paste this code:
    +english 1 +cl_language english +cc_lang english +cl_reload_localization_files
  5. Click OK button
  6. Click Close button
  7. Play

Other languages

As i say, you can also change Black Mesa ui/subtitles language to another one, you can see all available languages in the list below.

Supported Languages:
  • english/full_audio: true
  • english/subtitles: true
  • english/supported: true
  • finnish/subtitles: true
  • finnish/supported: true
  • french/subtitles: true
  • french/supported: true
  • german/subtitles: true
  • german/supported: true
  • norwegian/subtitles: true
  • norwegian/supported: true
  • portuguese/subtitles: true
  • portuguese/supported: true
  • russian/subtitles: true
  • spanish/subtitles: true
  • spanish/supported: true

If you want change language to another, you need set +english from 1 to 0
And also change +cl_language english and +cc_lang english

+english 0 +cl_language russian +cc_lang german +cl_reload_localization_files

CL_LANGUAGE is UI (menus, weapon names on hud, another game text, etc…)
CC_LANG is subtitles, and yes, you can also change subtitles language via game options, if you want.

Please remember currently Black Mesa not support any UI languages, most of game contents still only in English at this time!

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Post Author: Robins Chew