Black Ops 4 PC How To Fix Error Code 174350744 And Fatal Error Code: 897625509

Players of Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is recently getting Error Code 174350744 And Fatal Error Code: 897625509, they show up when you open the game or playing the game, which is very annoying, but now, I’ll show you the solution for them. Scan And Repair

Go to the Options menu of the appfrom the dropdown and Select “Scan and Repair”

2.Limit Your FPS

Try to limit your FPS to 240 or below that number, the game seems to crash when the hardware has it render too many frames.

3.Update Your Graphic Card Drivers

Some players are reporting that the errors stopped showing up when they re-install or update their graphic card drivers.


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Post Author: Robins Chew