Blackhaven: All Gallery quiz Answers

Every correct answer to the gallery quiz questions.
1. Who added the famous columned porch to Blackhaven Hall?
Scan the PORTRAIT OF SAMUEL HARWOOD near the entrance to the exhibit.

2. Which piece of furniture matches Sarah’s dress in the Harwood family portrait?
The family portrait can be found in the last large room of the exhibit. She is the woman in the yellow dress. DO NOT scan the portrait.

Scan the YELLOW SETTEE on the left after taking a right down the first hall.

3. Which object was discovered in the ruins of the servants’ quarters?
Scan the BROKEN TEAPOT in the display case just past the previously scanned yellow settee.

4. What is the only fictional publication in the gallery?
Although the story of Farmer Joe is mentioned more times than once as a possible fabrication, that is not the answer. Scan THE WORKS OF MR. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE in the display case across from the display case containing the broken teapot.

5. Which object might have been used by Farmer Joe?
Scan the PUNCHED TIN LANTERN in the display case in the middle of the last large room.

6. Which object used to sit atop Blackhaven Hall?
Scan the WEATHERVANE to the right of the exit of the exhibit.

7. What object is the only modern reproduction in the gallery?
Scan the CAMERA OBSCURA to the right of the display case holding the books.

8. Which candlesticks are younger than Elizabeth Harwood?
Scan the SILVERPLATE CANDLESTICKS in the display case to the right of the books.

9. What did Thomas Harwood write in response to the Virginia Governer?
Scan OUR PRESENT CRISIS in the last large room of the exhibit.

10. Which artifacts pair nicely with Blackhaven tobacco?
Scan the PIPES in the display case across from the exit to the exhibit.

Thanks to Azalus for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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