Blackout All Dark Ops Challenges And How To Complete Them

Apart from normal challenges, there are actually hidden hidden challenges called Dark Ops and they are only unlocked when you do a certain task. Once you complete a Dark Ops challenge you get a Calling Card and 25 merits for completing each. Here is a list of all the Dark ops we know so far and we’ll update as long as a new one is discovered.


Shoot a basketball at the court in the Estates area of the map.

2.Fist Fighter

Punch someone to death. You can’t have a gun in your inventory, and if you grab the Brawler perk this will be a whole lot easier to do. Try to sneak up on someone in the early game and punch their lights out!

3.Zombie Jams

Head to the diner that’s to the west of Array. You’ll find the bright orange and green Jukebox inside the diner, and you can activate it and complete the challenge.

Here is a video about the details of this challenge

4.Open the Blast Doors

Head to Fracking Tower, and you can see the Blast Doors at the middle of the area, from the Blast Door go north and take the stairs of the first construction and there is the control panel to open the Blast Door.

Here is a video to show you how to complete it

5. Practice Make Perfect

Shooting a target in its center(Bullseye) from 90m distance

6.Red Light Green Light

Loot the underwater stash by the cargo docks, it dosen’t always spwan at the same spot, check the areas under two buoys, they are usually there.

Here is a video to show you where it is

7. Back in the Ground

Kill 100 Zombies.  There is a map of zombies locations below:

8. Respect Your Elders

Interact with the memorial in square F6 on the map (West side of the bridge)

Here is a video to show you where it is

9. Stay Tuned

Activate the Emergency Broadcast. You need to activate the nuke at Array. When you land Array, head to the Big Dish at the location, and go to the North most computer with the green light.



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