Blackout Z Slaughterhouse Edition: All Achievements Guide

Blackout Z is a 2D shooter survival game, you will have to survive as long as possible in a room not only full of zombies but darkness and traps as well!

This game consist of a total of 28 achievements. which can be classified into two types:

Single Round Achievements [21 Achievements]
 You will need to finish certain objective in a single run

Total Count [7 Achievements] Every run sum toward these Achievements

Gameplay Basic
You will be fighting countless zombies in a trapped room.
Your flashlight (Visible circle around you) will gradually run out of power.
Your ammo will runs out (Top Right Corner), you health don’t automatically regenerate.

Darkness is your greatest danger, as you cannot see traps and traps can instantly kills you.
Try to focus on power cell on the floor and remain lights on as long as possible.

Important Tips
Sound of the traps can only be heard when your character move closely to a trap.

Zombies will come to you without avoiding traps
You can kill zombies with traps, and thus, find out the location of traps in the dark by witnessing zombies dead.

Moving Traps ‘s movement are based on the track ( Line in Black color )

*** Most Important
Pickups DO NOT STACK (Took me a while to find out)
Let’s say your gun’s maximum ammo is 15, collecting 2 ammo pack will still result in 15 ammo

It is wise to remember the location of pickups and pick it up when you are most in need of it.

Pickups spawn a limited amount, they will stop spawning until you pick up some of them.


  • Zombies
  • Stationary Traps
  • Moving Traps


  • Power Cell
  • Ammo
  • Health Pack
Game Progression
There are a total of 5 guns in the game.

  • Pistol (Unlocked from the begining)
  • SMG
  • Shotgun
  • Double
  • AK

Killing 30 zombies with the previous weapons in one single run will unlock the next weapons.

While score unlocks hats of different color but seems don’t impact the game at all.

Single Round [21 Achievements]
Fire Weapon X times on a Single Round

(*Noted that Fire X times, you don’t need to hit zombies at all to unlock this achievements)

  • Pistol [ 15 | 50 | 100 ] (*Hardest Achievement, you may skip this one and come back after you are more familiar with the game )
  • SMG [ 30 | 80 | 150 ]
  • Shotgun [ 8 | 25 | 40 ]
  • Double [ 4 | 10 | 20 ]
  • AK [ 20 | 50 | 100 ]
Kill [ 10 | 50 | 100 ] Zombies on a single run

(*Kills from traps also counts, recommend to use AK)

Get a score of [ 1k | 5k | 15k ]

(*Try to kill zombies before the combo bar finish to stack higher combo)

Total Count [7 Achievements]
Shoot [ 300 | 1000 | 2500 ] Times

(*All gun counts, Recommend to use AK if this is the last achievement left)

Kill a total of [ 10 | 50 | 100 ] zombies
Die 10 Times
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