Blasphemous: Arcade Mini-game Guide 2021 (Secrets, Enemies and the Goal)

An in-depth guide on the secrets, enemies, and the goal of mini game.


Things to know.

1. The cost of playing the game is 2500 T.O.D. And every time you die, you will haft to spend another 2500. So make sure to save them tears of yours up.

2. Almost everything dies in one hit. Save for the boss that is.

3. You have 4 hit points in the mini game, though they can be restored.

4. Everything does one damage against you. Save for one specific thing that insta-kills you.

5. You will get a little bit of tears back but it depends on your score and how many skulls you got at the end.

The goals

Alright so now you have started the secret game. What are you goals? At most there are three goals.

1. Get as many points possible.
2. Get to the end
3. Get the 5 golden skulls.


This is basically food. It restores 1 hit point

I have no clue what these are called. But for now let’s call them biles.
This type of bile gives about 25 points.

This type of bile gives about 100 points

This is a golden skull. You will need five of these to get the skin at the end as the reward.


These are the hazards.

Spikes. They will occasionally pop out to try and shank your legs. Like everything else they do one damage.

Fire. Basically spikes but they don’t back down in shanking your legs.

Ruined platforms. Just like the my self-esteem, it crumbles at the slightest touch. They do re-spawn after a little bit though.

Bottomless pits. Just like my future when I think about it, you will instantly die if you fall into them. Thankfully they only exist in two parts of the arcade.

Oh and also there is this thing
Yeah this thing shoots out fire balls at the speed of my eye hand coordination.


Thief/ dude with knife. Like the quality of this guide, the hitbox of these guys is completely random. Sometime they will be next to your crotch and not hit you, and other times they will be a mile away and somehow shank you.

Face with wings. Only a threat in one certain area. Just kill them before they run into you.

Crawler dude/ your little cousin when you have games on your phone. A little unpredictable but best to smack em when they are in the air (imo)

The boss. Very similar to how one acts towards real life, its best just to back away and take a little smack at it every once in a while.

Secret stashes

This is excluding walls that you will haft to break (aka stuff that is impossible to miss).

Here is the secret stuff.

Secret wall: 1

Secret wall: 2. Though be careful, you will be ambushed by your little cousin.

Secret wall: 3

Hidden block in elevator hell section: 1

Hidden block in elevator hell section: 2

Hidden block in elevator hell section: 3

Hidden chest: 1. Will appear right before you leave. So turn around at the last second.

Hidden chest: 2. Just like before it will appear right before you leave. If it doesnt appear if you do the method of hidden chest 1, smack the corner of the exit (Just trust me).

Hidden chest: 3. It appears right before you jump down, so be careful not to miss it.

Golden skull locations

Skull one: Once you get to this point (near the start of the arcade game) wait a little bit and this chest holding the skull will appear.

Skull two: Just smack the spot you see right there and the skull will reveal itself.

Skull three: There is a hidden wall on the left. So smack that spot a bit and the chest holding the skull should appear. If it doesn’t just run in there and it should appear.

Skull four: At the end of the elavator hell section, smack that spot once the elevator thing stops. Make sure to collect the skull.

Skull five: Another hidden wall, so get to smacking A.S.A.P.


This is the reward you get for beating the mini-game with all skulls collected. Congrats.

Thanks to CALCIUM for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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