Blasphemous: Controls for Keyboard & Mouse

For those who prefer a generic keyboard + mouse combination / not to use a gamepad.


Just wanted to share what I’ve used to beat the game with (and now half way on new game+ to attempt the DLC content and 100% achievements in True Torment mode). I’m not sure if people do already use this control scheme, but I found no reference / guide so here goes…!

The Settings
It’s pretty simple, just rebind:
  • Attack –> Left Mouse
  • Parry –> Right Mouse
  • Ranged Attack –> Middle Mouse (Also hold to exchange Life for Fervour)

and you’re set…

Everything else at default, i.e. Q for Prayer, E for Interact.

Bonus Tips
Also, press [ H ] or [ Y ] to scroll the item’s descriptions. Hope these help!
By AxL

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