Blasphemous: How to Skip Bosses Mourning and Havoc

Some notes on the new route through Mourning and Havoc


How to Skip Bosses Mourning and Havoc
With the final update Wounds of Eventide, it’s possible to sequence break and skip the first four real bosses of Blasphemous (Ten Piedad, Tres Angustias, Our Lady of the Charred Visage, Esdras). This might still be changed/fixed since it breaks the game, especially since it’s achievable on a new save, but it was fun to attempt and I thought I’d share my notes.

You can get from Echoes of Salt to Mother of Mothers through the difficult new area Mourning and Havoc.

You will need the following (on a new save):
– Blood Perpetuated in Sand relic, found in Mercy Dreams.
– Tirana of the Celestial Bastion prayer, found in the Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrows. Used to bring down the ladder in Mourning and Havoc to get to the boat. Needs 5 fervour bars.

You will have the following upgrades available to help you get through Mourning without going into any boss rooms:
– 2 Fervour upgrades (Grievance Ascends, Graveyard of the Peaks)
– 4 Flasks (Mountains of the Endless Dusk, Jondo, Graveyard of the Peaks, Mercy Dreams)
– 2 Quicksilver (Petrous, Jondo)
– 2 Mea Culpa upgrades (Albero, Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow)
– 1 Health upgrade (Graveyard of the Peaks)
– 3 Knots (Jondo, Grievance Ascends, Graveyard of the Peaks)

A Medium Bead of Blue Wax might substitute for 1 fervour upgrade. Found at Convent of Our Lady, then at the Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow.

These rosary beads may help you survive:
– Ember of the Holy Cremation (good defense, bought for 5000 Tears in Graveyard of the Peaks)
– Muted Bell (minor magical resistance, Graveyard of the Peaks)
– Perpetua’s Protection (good electric resistance, defeat Perpetua in the Mountains of Endless Dusk)
– Fourth Toe of Limestone (dodge cooldown reduction, Jondo)
– Medium Bead of Red Wax (hp boost, Mercy Dreams, then Convent of Our Lady)

Finally, you’ll need patience and/or a familiarity with the mid-air slash jump, so you can get more quick hits in between dodging the electric projectiles of Mourning and Havoc’s unavoidable and tanky new enemy.

Here’s my well-explored map at the end of Mourning and Havoc, without going to any boss rooms:
It’s definitely possible to get there with less preparation, but it’ll take patience and some practice.

Using this route, you only need to defeat 6 bosses to beat the game (including the tutorial boss).

Some maybe unimportant caveats:
– Desecrated Cistern will be inaccessible until you get the Linen of Golden Thread relic.
– You can’t tithe at the church unless you defeat one of the first three real bosses, so no teleport, Token of Appreciation, or free fervour.
– Can’t get the Knot from the medicine quest.
– Can’t get the new ending this way.

Thanks to PJ Dade for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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