Blast Brigade vs the Evil Legion of Dr Cread: 100% Achievement Guide

Here is a guide on how to get all achievements in the Blast Brigade vs. the Evil Legion of Dr. Cread game.


General information

Total number of achievements: 52
Number of unreleased achievements: 25
The time of passing the game is 100%: 20hours


Speak with the talking bush in the Prologue

Lost and the Jam’d
Survive your first encounter with local wildlife

Sidearm Shuffle
Acquire a Support weapon

Roughin’ It
Construct a village upgrade

Field Ops 101
Activate a PDA module

Rock’em, Sock’em
Overcome CHM-7 Siegebot

Meet Cute
Defeat Strange Ninja Lady

Tomb Raider
Discover a secret!

Not a Plumber
Stomp the mob in the first area of the island

Avenged Agent Buzz!
Defeat Gobbler

Life’s a Breach
Escape Cread’s Containment Cells and rendezvous with Ohara

Shadow of the Kick-Assus
Defeat the Lost Guardian

Ded Birb
Defeat Icarus

Impromptu Firework Show
Destroy the Laser Cannon and rendezvous with Ohara

2 Edge 4 Me
Defeat Night Stalker

Defeat the Overseer

Meet the Holy Sentinel and rendezvous with Ohara

Mutant Mutt
Defeat the Abomination

Welcome…to Jefferssic Park
Activate every fast-travel motorcycle stop

Feed Me, Jefferson
Defeat the Warden of Thorns

Disable the Atlantean Core

Minor Victory
Defeat Little Joe

Major Victory
Defeat Joe Brothers

Kicking and Screaming
Defeat Dr. Cread

Looks like Cread’s off again!
Defeat Dr. Cread and finish the game


To start it is better to pass the story, and after trying to explore 100% of the map because closer to the end of the game you get the ability Jeff to move, which greatly simplifies the platforming, and closer to the end of the game you will find an item that helps to quickly move between hammocks.

Module for moving between hammocks

The most important item to move around the map can be obtained by completing all of French’s quests here, and later bringing him a donut.
the Frenchman here

Mission Impossible
Bring intel back to Jacque


To bring a doughnut from here to the Frenchman

Secret map Preos

Preos is located here.

Defeat all 3 Stone Guardians

After completing the quest to kill three guards you can buy a secret card from him, after buying all the cards we can turn off Preos.


With all the abilities and the teleportation module, all these achievements are reduced to painting over the map.

It belongs in a museum!
Bring the Sacred Ocarina back to Urku

Return all 4 helmets to the Henchmaniac

Step Countin’ Superspy
Explore 50% of the island’s locations

I bet your feet hurt
Explore 100% of the island’s locations

Dossier Dominator
Find all of the island’s discoverables

Thatch Master
Construct every village upgrade

Henchman Heist
Open all Legion Vaults

Master of Disguise
Acquire all Heroes skins

Stop drooling
Assemble a legendary weapon

Alright, you can drool
Assemble both legendary weapons

Where do you keep them all?
Acquire all weapons

Blue bolts gives you WINGS!
Gain all Energy Cells

Upgrade Healing Flask 3 times

I’m here to PUMP you up!
Gain all Health Cells

Lithium Lad
Assemble 6 PDA Baterries

A MODel Agent
Discover every PDA module

Kill and farm

Phasers set to…
Kill 5 enemies with 1 Shura laser

Arc of the Combust-enant
Kill 5 enemies with 1 grenade

The Ol’ Razzle-Dazzle
Annihilate 3 enemies with one Galahad strike

Kill 5 enemies with a single Vortex Chakram

The most convenient place to perform one-time kill achievements is here.

Shoot big flies and then attack the cluster of small flies. also these flies make it easy to farm money. When activated the module increases the fallout of coins by 50% at a time is obtained 36 coins.

Not murders

Master Chief’s worst nightmare
Use Shura’s hook to pull enemy shield’s 20 times

The right enemy is here

Use the hook-cat 20 times on his shield

Arc Reactor
Hit a portable generator 10 times with a Vortex Chakram

The right enemy is here

Throw a teleportation chakram at his back 10 times


Did you have a B.L.A.S.T.?
Win every achievement

Thanks to Master_Pukan for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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