Blender: How to Import Source 2 Maps

A easy and simple to follow guide on importing Source 2 maps into blender.   Introduction This guide will help explain how to import Source 2 maps into Blender, and thankfully the Source 2 viewers, VRF, has a feature for this! While there are other ways to import Source 2 maps to blender; I believe I […]

Blender: How to Make Image Sequence

Here’s the basic stuff in importing render scenes and turning them into image sequence.   Have You Render the Image? Before we start, make sure you made a file that is filled with the render scene that you render and make sure the location is the same for the next section. Pick Video Editing from […]

Blender: How to Run on Windows 7

This guide will help you troubleshoot the blender startup problem on Windows 7 (x64, X86) How to Run Blender on Windows 7 1. Download FIX 2. Select the bitness of your system (x64 or x86) 3. Open the desired folder depending on the bit size of your system 4. Open the folder where you […]