Blightbound: Challenge Rifts Guide

Challenge Rifts, how they work, where to find them, and what items you get from them.


What are Challenge Rifts ?

Challenge Rifts were added in the Final Charge patch, right before the release patch.

These are challenge rooms that have a chance of spawning in higher level dungeons, defeat these challenge rooms and unlock the rarest Blighted Items!

The Rift of Separation: Defeat waves of enemies while the Mage is trapped in a magical dome!

The Rift of Gathering: Prismix the Blood Mage has a hunger for Mana orbs, satisfy that hunger and escape with your lives!

Rift of Running: Don’t waste your head start, stay clear and ahead of the giant Amalgamation while solving puzzles and dodging traps!

The Rift of Bowling: A foe has become a friend? Kill enemies by hitting the Writhing Orb towards them!

If you are downed in a challenge room, not to worry, you will be teleported back to the dungeon where you entered the Blightrift and no progress will be lost in your run.

But you must complete Blightrifts if you want to get your hands on the elusive Blighted Items!

Where to find them ?

In various levels when the difficulty is more than your current team power.
Be careful ! They won’t appear if you play with bots.

Which items can I get from them ?

As of now, here’s the list of the items you can find in them.

Best practices

– When farmings rifts, your method is to find the rift fast, complete it, and die after getting out of it as you’ll keep the reward from it, and can begin another run again.
– Try to get the easiest power level which is higher than your team power.
– The easiests one to find are from “For Whom the Bell Tolls”, “Darkness Embrace” and “Khuliath”
And the last one would be “Answering the Call” in case you get really bad RNG on blight levels.

From Whom the Bell Tolls :

If you start there, go to the left, a rift can appear just to the left of this screen.

By Froh and Pruinae

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