Block Motion: How to Use the Level Editer

How to use the level editer to create and publish custom challenges that can be downloaded from the workshop.


Creating a new level
When you create a new level you have 3 options

  • Empty – Create a blank level at the given size. I recommend selecting a size that you’re sure will be big enough for your purposes with some space left over. Remember that you can adjust the boundaries of the level to make it smaller than its created size but you can’t make it bigger than its created size. As a reference all of the campaign levels are 99x99x99.
  • Campaign – Create a new level by copying one of the campaign levels.
  • Workshop – Create a new level by copying a level you have downloaded from the workshop.

Caution: Always use the in game copy tool when you wish to copy an existing level. Do NOT try to copy levels by copy-pasting them in the file system. It will most likely not work and may cause problems for the games file system.

Input and Output zones
You have 4 extra tools available on the hotbar for editing zones

  • Input zone
  • Output zone
  • Alter zone
  • Remove zone
Input zones

Any puzzle block placed inside an input zone will automatically be converted into an input. Puzzle blocks are not required to be inside input zones. If you place a puzzle block outside of an input zone they will function as ordinary blocks. You are not required to have an input zone, however you must have puzzle blocks placed in the level.

Tab will hide the zone label. Useful when making inputs that are embedded in a structure and the label would clip through the terrain (such as the extruded input levels).

+ or – will adjust the input rate of the zone. An input rate of 1 will result in blocks spawning every cycle (unless blocked). An input rate of 0 will cause the output to become extruded.

Extruded inputs

When blocks spawn from an extruded input they will automatically be welded to the previous set of blocks spawned from that input. This requires that the newly spawned blocks be directly touching the previously spawned blocks. If you make an input shape that results in each subsequent spawn not touching the previous spawn when they appear then they will not be welded together and will appear to be a normal non-extruded input.

Output zones

You are required to have at least 1 output zone in your level.
Any puzzle blocks placed inside an output zones will automatically be converted into outputs.
Puzzle blocks in the same output zone do not have to be connected together into a single shape however i recommend that they do. The player needs to provide all blocks in the correct positions at the same time in order to trigger the output zone and having separate shapes in the same output zone may make that unclear to the player.

Extra settings
Opening the menu in the level editor will give you extra tabs of settings to choose from

  • Level settings – Rename the level and set what blocks are allowed to be used when solving the level.
  • Sky settings – Customize the levels skybox including the clouds, stars and sun.
  • Player statistics – View the histograms created from players who have tried to solve the level
    [8] Publish level – Upload the level to the steam workshop[/menu]
Extra blocks
The level editor allows some special blocks to be placed

  • Puzzle – These are the blocks are manipulated by the player to solve the challenge. You can adjust their shapes and colours.
  • Sculptor – A special block that will change shape of any puzzle block it touches
  • Painter – A special block that will change the colour of any puzzle block it touches
There are a few extra steps before you can publish your challenge

  • Spawn location – You need to set the location that the player will spawn at when they open the level or go out of bounds. Do this using the Spawn Location tool on the hotbar.
  • Screenshot – You need to take a screenshot of your challenge that will be displayed on the workshop page. Do this using the Screenshot tool on the hotbar.

When your challenge is complete you can publish it by opening the menu and going to the Publish tab.

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