Blood of Steel: How to Change Graphic Detail & Resolution before game loads

By default after server selection game switches to full screen mode. In some cases this results game freezes, or balck screen.

0. Open Task Manger and colse BoS

1. Open steam leibrary on your hard drive (or ssd)
2. Open BoS game folder
Example: C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Blood of Steel
3. Right click on “config” file and select “Open With” and choose “Notepad”
4. Set “FullScreen = FALSE” (by default the value is true)
5. Set resolution (by default w and h has no value)
W = 1024
H = 768
6. Chack that teh following is set
ColorDepth = 32
RefreshRate = 60
7. Save file
8. Start BoS game from Steam

If screens till freezes after server selction or balck check genral discussion maybe others have the same problem
(Note: Black screen can be server side issue)

If you see the sceen after server selection
– Fist of all 1024×768 in not the native resolution of BoS it will be out of boundary
1. Open Task Manger and colse BoS
2. Edit config file again
3. Set resolution
W = 1600
H = 1200
(or anything which fit your screen resolution best)
4. Save file
5. Start BoS game from Steam
(Note: if issue back again set lower resolution)

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