Blood of steel: Tips for Beginners

Some tips for beginners based on my experience of 30 hours of playing.


The beginning of the “Events”
For everyone who has not reached the 5th account level, there is an event button on the start screen in the upper right corner. We select event 1 (at the top right, you can select Russian if suddenly everything will be in Korean, poke the bottom line “all people are brothers”, click I already have a call code and enter the code “pdhkb8” for this, you will receive an arrow bandage and silver.

Next event 2, select the daily entrance, check in there, and then there are 5 sets of quests: a beginner, champion, etc. Select a beginner, read 4 tasks that need to be completed to get coins for completing them. When you complete all tasks in the beginner, a quest chain for the new recruit will open. complete the recruit, the champion will open. When you complete all the chains, only the daily quest for entering the game will remain. You will end up with 5000+ coins.
Further in the same event, click on the development store there are three tabs: heroes. Leather. Other. In the heroes tab, you can purchase 3 goods for these coins: 8 heroes (forever) and fragments of heroes. It is advisable to spend coins here, take 3 of 8 heroes or take fragments of heroes three times to take a hero who is not here. In the skin tab, skins are served on some heroes (they give an increase to experience when playing for this hero) and diamonds (needed to scroll the roulette wheel that is in the store)
Then we return to event 1, select the line “Collect cards”, scroll down the page, there will be 4 square frames under each claim button. By clicking on the claim, if the conditions of the tasks are met, you can take away attempts to the roulette. 1 square is taken if you play the game (20 attempts are given once) 2 square can be taken after two battles in any modes (1 attempt twice a day) 3 square will be taken after completion daily quests for 120 points (4 attempts once a day) 4 square you need to poke on it there sign tweeter and facebook click and the tweeter page will open in the browser, but nothing needs to be done close the browser the task will be counted (1 attempt once a day only 5 times) When all this is collected just above two buttons to play once or poke five times until you run out of attempts.

Also in the event there is 1 line “Invite friends into battle” You can create your own squad of five people or join a friend’s squad by entering his code. For the fact that you upgrade your account while in the squad here you can receive all kinds of gifts. It is better to register here when you find a guild and friends. The last event when you decide to play in ranked matches and get the title: Viscount Earl and Marquis. Press event 1 line “Fight in ranked matches” scroll down the page and take rewards

About heroes
Where to get heroes?
They can be taught in events. Buy in the store for silver or donate or for shards of heroes. (Main screen at the top of the store button) Or spin the roulette for diamonds. Also, some will be given at certain levels of the account. And fall out of the chests that fall into your cache for raising the level or if you become the top in battle. You will also be given a bunch of heroes for rent for 3 days before buying, run on the rolling versions, suddenly the hero does not come to you. What heroes to collect and pump first?

It doesn’t matter, buy at the beginning which are cheaper for silver or if you are sure to collect money for one but another. Leveling the hero gives a small increase in lives and damage has little effect on the outcome of the battle. I advise at first to play heroes whose difficulty is 1 and is recommended for beginners-5 Also, rewards are given for pumping heroes, so in the end, if you want to pick up all the rewards, you will have to pump all the heroes.Playing in random parties (legion 7 X 7), if you see that the teammates have taken one or more archers and / or horsemen, choose a melee fighter otherwise sooner the whole fight will be a losing one. According to my observations, a maximum of one archer and one horseman is needed for the whole team. Try to quickly join the clan in order to go into battles together with the connection.

Armor and plates
On the start screen on the left, press the hero gallery button. Then came the armor button. Opens the menu On the left, the plates that you have on the right are displayed with holes for the plates, the higher your account level, the more cells for the plates open. Select the plate on the left and press insert into the armor. At the top center, the word “armor 1”, click on this button and you can switch to “armor 2” just insert all available or best plates.

What is armor 2 for? there are plates that increase the attack of blyazhny combat and there are plates that increase the attack of ranged combat. I advise you to insert everything for melee into armor 1, and if there are free slots, you can insert a long-range one. and in armor 2 everything is for ranged combat + melee if there are free slots. During battles, on the battle preparation screen, when you select the respawn point and the fighter himself below, you can switch what armor he will be wearing. We put armor 1 for the closest ones and armor 2 for archers and crossbowmen.
Also at the bottom right there is a button “buy plates” by clicking you will go to the plate store

You can buy a random plate for 1000 silver (I do not advise it to be expensive and randomly only if you have nowhere else to put silver) The rest for fragments of the plate (issued for all types of matches) I advise you to save up fragments and buy specific plates of the 3rd level.

Mentoring and clans.
I advise you as soon as these functions will appear for you to immediately find yourself a Russian-speaking guild for joint battles and performing some daily tasks. And also until the 30th lvl to find a mentor. Having a mentor when you reach the 30th lvl, you will receive excellent prizes.
To do this, on the start screen, on the left, click “social”. On the right, select a nastanik, but better than a Russian-speaking one. On the left is a guild to find a Russian-speaking guild at the bottom left of the list of guilds there is a choice of a preferred language in the guild, press Russian, you will be shown a list of Russian-speaking guilds. Well, for now, and that’s all I hope someone will use my notes !!! Like if not lazy.

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