Blood West: All Weapon and Enemy Stats

Stats for the game’s weapons and enemies. Weapon stats were taken from the inventory menu, while enemy stats are based on in-game observation. The game is currently in Early Access so this is all subject to change.


Rusty Axe

“It’s so dull it’s more a hammer, than an axe at this point.”

Damage (primary attack): 10
Damage (secondary attack): 20

– The first weapon you acquire.
– Can kill a charging Animated Dead with a single heavy swing to the face.
– Has longer range than initially appears. If you’re taking hits using it, you may be getting too close to the enemy.


“Such simple tool, yet so effective in the face of the undead apocalypse.”

Damage (primary attack): 13
Damage (secondary attack): 30

Living Vines

“When you tightened your grip on this axe, the vines seemingly come to life, gently embracing your hand. Almost feels like they’re “guiding” you.”

Sneaking is more efficient by 25%

Damage (primary attack): 15
Damage (secondary attack): 35

– Can be found in the Canyon, in a cave at the base of the railway bridge.

Rusty Knife

“Rusty to the point it almost breaks in your hand.”

Damage (primary attack): 5
Damage (secondary attack): 15

– Can be found in a sidepath in the starting cave, where you first fight 2 Animated Dead.


“Well balanced knife.”

“Sharp enough to cut through monster’s flesh.”

Damage (primary attack): 7
Damage (secondary attack): 20

Bone Knife

“It is not apparent if this knife is made of human or animal bone – and maybe it’s better to not ask. It fits in your grip perfectly, almost like it belonged there and nowhere else.”

Surprise attacks restore 5HP
Sneaking improved by 25%
Slightly increases moving speed by 10% when sneaking

Damage (primary attack): 10
Damage (secondary attack): 23

– Can be purchased from the Shaman.

Hunting Bow

“Preferred weapon for experienced hunters, who move silently and kill unseen.”

Damage (primary attack): 21
Effective range: 21 meters

– One can be found in the burial cave the Shaman asks you to visit.
– Really requires the Arrow Retriever perk, otherwise used arrows break far too often when you try to retrieve them.

Spirit Bow

“You’re not sure where this bow got its unusual properties – is it because of the materials, bow and ectoplasm? Or maybe some dark ritual was performed? In any case, this weapon always hungers for blood. Anyone’s blood.”

Doesn’t require ammunition
Arrows never go down
Every arrow costs 3 HP

Damage (primary attack): 28
Effective range: 21 meters

– Can be purchased from the Shaman.
– Combines well with the Vendigo Heart artifact which gives regenerating health.

Rusty Revolver

“It’s covered in rust, but is still in somewhat working condition.”

Damage (primary attack): 17
Effective range: 25 meters

– Can be found in a sidepath in the starting cave, where you first fight 2 Animated Dead.
– Dropped by Birdmen.


“Standard army issue, six chambers worth of firepower.”

Damage (primary attack): 22
Effective range: 25 meters

– A handful can be found laying around the map.
– One is being held by a skeleton laying near a broken wagon north of the Church.
– One can be found in the roof of the Fort’s stables.

Orb of Night

“It’s so shiny you can almost use it as a mirror! Killing monsters in style was never easier.”

Damage to spirit increased by 50%
Enemies killed by this weapon give extra 5% experience
10% faster reload speed

Damage (primary attack): 30
Effective range: 25 meters

– Can be purchased from Jim Hooper.
– Kills MIners and Spirits with one shot and most other enemies with two shots.

Sawed-off Shotgun

“Hastily sawed off shotgun. Edges around the cut parts are still sharp.”

Damage (primary attack): 65
Effective range: 7 meters

– First firearm acquired in the game.


“Nasty looking shotgun. Small veins are visible on the wooden handle.”

“Weapon of an infamous bandit leader. While her name is lost to the sands of time, stories of her deeds remain – especially the one about bandit’s love for making heads of her victims disappear in a red mist using her “magic boomstick”.”

Headshots regains about 5 HP

Damage (primary attack): 65
Effective range: 8 meters

– Can be found in an open grave in the Church graveyard.

Rusty Shotgun

“Looks like a piece of rusted iron, but it still works. Somehow.”

Damage (primary attack): 60
Effective range: 7 meters

– Dropped by Prodigal Daughters.


“Double barreled shotgun using standard 12 gauge ammunition.”

Damage (primary attack): 70
Effective range: 11 meters

– One can be found hidden in a broken wagon between two burnt houses in the Town.

The Hermit Stick

“Fine piece of craftmanship that belonged to a brave man who faced the evil – it smells of wood and formic acid. There’s a legend among scavengers, that the previous owner still lives in a strange land full of streams and he has an entire army of goblins under his command.”

Acid resistance 20%
10% chance for opponent melee damage to miss
Enemy hit by this weapon have their damage reduced by 30% for 5 seconds

Damage (primary attack): 75
Effective range: 11 meters

– Found in an alcove near the Boss Door in the Canyon. Climb the hill above the Boss Door, then drop off where the fence is to a lower ledge and turn around 180 degrees to find the alcove.
– You have to fight your way past many enemies, including a Vendigo, to get it, so you probably can’t go straight for it from the beginning of the game.


“With 15 bullets in clip this gun will never let you down.”

Damage (primary attack): 20
Effective range: 35 meters

– One can be found in the southwest tower of the Fort.

Drunk Master

“No matter how much you scrub and clean this Winchester, it still reeks of alcohol. Whoever owned it previously, was a drunkard for sure. Or it was kept inside a barrel full of whisky.”

Resistance to melee and ranged attacks increased by 25%
If drunk: weapon damage is increased by 25%
If drunk: each missed shot costs 15 Stamina

Damage (primary attack): 20
Effective range: 35 meters

– Can be purchased from Jim Hooper.

Reanimated Dead

Health: 60

– Can perform a leap attack.


Health: 30

– Will turn red when it’s about to charge.
– Takes 2 ordinary bullets or 1 silver bullet to kill.


Health: 30


Health: 100

– Carries a Rusty Revolver.
– Can use wings to dodge sideways.
– Stands still to reload after every 6 shots.
– Death is no man, death is no wraith, death is a bird flying.

Prodigal Daughter

Health: 60

– Carries a Rusty Shotgun.
– Pauses to reload after every 2 shots.
– Wears a metal mask that will deflect 1 bullet.
– Can be headshot in the back of the head to avoid the mask.
– Greetings, fellow men of culture.


Health: 60

– Spits acid.
– Will run away if approached closely.

Half arisen Dead

Health: 60
Armor: 150

– Coffin acts as armor.
– Throws wooden stakes.
– Cannot run while coffin is intact.
– Attack the limbs to bypass the coffin and damage the zombie.


Health: 400

– More than twice the size of a man.
– Runs faster than you do, so it’ll always outrun you on open ground.
– Can summon 3 spirits. Will resummon spirits if 2 are killed.
– Shoot the skull in its chest to disable its ability to summon spirits.
– Requires 6 Winchester headshots to kill.
– Best strategy is to have it chase you around a pillar, and headshot it with the shotgun multiple times.

Mother of Roots

Health: 980

– Boss of the Barren Lands.
– Attacks with waves of roots, a single homing root, and summoning 4 spirits.
– Root waves move in a pattern. Homing root comes up from beneath you and is telegraphed by a loud bubbling sound before coming out of the ground.
– Periodically exposes its heart, which is what you need to shoot.
– Flesh pods around it will occasionally open, allowing you to shoot them. It’s unclear what this does but presumably it’s beneficial to you.

Thanks to Mostly Harmless for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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