Bloodwash: 100% Achievement Guide

This is a complete achievement guide for Bloodwash! Please let me know if you need help with anything mentioned in this guide!


Unmissable Achievements

Warnings Unheeded
Finish the intro
Laundry Started
Start the laundry

Meet the Womb Ripper
Face to face with a nightmare

Locked and Loaded
Found the gun and ammo

Survived the Womb Ripper

It’s Not Over
Finish the epilogue

Couch Potato

Couch Potato
You enjoy TVFor this achievement you need to click through the TV channels, first though, you’ll need to find the remote on the coffee table. Just switch through the channels, then once you turn the TV off the achievement should unlock.

Avid Reader & Detective

Avid Reader
Find all comic books
Collect all evidence

For these achievements you’ll need to collect the 7 comic books & 6 pieces of evidence. I have a video below showing their locations:

Capitalist Casualty & Highscore Killer

Capitalist Casualty
Get a high score of 5000 in RunBums

RunBums can be found in the Pizzeria. For the achievement you’ll need to reach a high score of 5000. It will probably take a couple attempts but it’s not too hard. Dodge the cars and shoot the enemies and you’ll get it.

Highscore Killer
Get a high score of 15 in Porksy’s Revenge

The ‘Game Toy’ can be found in the lost and found to the right of the front counter in the laundromat. A high score of 15 is really easy to reach and you shouldn’t have any issues.

Spirit Summoner

Spirit Summoner
Find Peepaw’s ouija board

You can find Peepaw’s ouija board between the comics and vinyl records on the left side of the store. Just interact with it for the achievement.


Explore the bathrooms

This achievement is basically unmissable but technically you could just never enter the bathrooms. Once you’ve put your laundry in the dryer you should hear the front desk’s bell ring, afterwards you can find the bathroom doors key on the desk.

Late Night Call

Late Night Call
Talk to the call girl

Once you’ve found the bathroom key (see achievement above) and entered the women’s bathroom, enter the middle stall and interact with the phone number on the wall, afterwards if you interact with the phone in the laundromat you should ring the call girl and once the calls over you’ll unlock the achievement.


Talk to all NPCs.

For this achievement you need to speak with all of the NPC’s in the game, some of them are unmissable but i’ll list them anyway.

– Hobo Joe (In the cupboard behind you in the basement after you’ve interacted with the broken washing machine.)
– Stan (Unmissable)
– Junkie (In the lobby of the apartment building before you leave)
– Man (While waiting for the bus he is to your right in the alley)
– Bus Driver (Unmissable)
– Creepy Guy (Unmissable)
– Employee (Laundromat)
– Patron (Laundromat)
– Peepaw (PeePaw’s)
– Pizza Dude (Pizza Parlor)
– Greasy Manager (Appliance Store)
– Old Woman (After putting your clothes in the dryer enter and exit the Pizza Parlor)

You don’t need to exhaust all of their dialogue options just talk to them once or twice.

Thanks to Minxy for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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