Bloons TD 6: Easy Cubism Chimps Strategy. (No Micro)

An easy strategy to beat Chimps mode on Cubism.


This is probably one of the easiest strategies to beat Cubism on chimps mode. You only need one tier 5 tower unlocked (perma-spike isn’t completely necessary) and no micro is required!

Early game (Rounds 6-40)
To start, simply place a tack shooter in the location shown and upgrade it to 1-0-1
Then you can play the next few rounds.

As you go through, keep upgrading the tack shooter until you reach 2-0-3
(Make sure not to buy hot shots)

Then you buy a spike factory at the bottom of the screen, as shown in the image below.

Then you will want to place an alchemist directly above the tack shooter as shown here

And set his targeting to strong for the leads.

Now you are ready to save up for overdrive on the tack shooter (2-0-4)
You should be able to get that after round 28
Anyways, now you upgrade your alchemist up to 3-0-0
Then get him to 3-2-0
Then 4-2-0
Once you have done that you should buy a village to the left of the tack shooter

Once you have done that you should upgrade the village to 0-2-0

Mid game (Rounds 40-80)
Now, you’re into the mid game.
The first thing you should do is get your village to be a 3-2-0
And that will prepare you to save for Tack Zone
You should be able to buy that on round 55
By now, your defense should look like this.

Next, you should upgrade the village to 4-2-0

After that you should work on getting up a Perma-spike
it doesn’t really matter what order you get the upgrades in as long as you get a 2-0-5
The targeting on the spike factory doesn’t matter at all so just set it to whatever you want.
You should be able to buy Perma-Spike after round 78
At this point you have basically already won, but i like to get some glue gunners for insurance.
The spots I used:
(Left one is 0-2-3 Moab glue and right one is 0-3-2 Glue hose)

Endgame (Rounds 80-100)
At this point you have secured victory so what you get doesn’t matter but I would recommend getting a few Moab maulers as shown here:

But its really up to you.

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