Bloons TD 6: Glorious Gold Achievement Guide

Comprehensive guide for the Glorious Gold Achievement.


What Is This Achievement And How To Get It

The achievement in quest is called “Glorious Gold” and a player needs to pop 500 times of these special Golden Bloons and it can take up to a minimum 63 games if done perfectly, which makes it a very grindy achievement. Currently this achievement sits at a 0% unlock and soon it will be above 0.1% and under 1% for sometime.

Golden Bloons will only show from time to time on a week, staying for nearly 3-4 days before switching with “Monkey Teams” and it can be identified like this:

At the end of you game it will tell you how many Golden Bloons you have got like this:

Understanding The Golden Bloon

To start, Golden Bloons will come in different rounds with different properties and many of the towers can’t hold them, making them run fast to the end and missing it. This method isn’t for the Magic Monkey Only, but my advice for it is to build as many 203 Ninjas at the end of the track, but some Golden Bloons can leak by, however you only need 50 for this other achievement.

Here’s a chart on these rounds and why I’m playing on Impoppable since it gives 8 for game, 2 at the ending rounds:

Recommended Monkey Knowledge

The recomended Monkey Knowledge for buying Sauda first round and having enough cash is:

From Primary (More Cash; Bonus Monkey! – Will be helpfull in some cases);

From Heroes (Hero Favors; Empowered Heroes);

From Powers (Pre-Game Prep);

Many others will come in hand aswell, the more the better!
Reason I choiced these, are to beeing able to start with Sauda and her level 3, as she’s strong enough to dominate early rounds almost alone, having the spikes at end road for safety and the free dart monkey that will help a bit first rounds.

Strategy Used In Most Beginner Maps

Start by picking the Beginner map it’s available and going to Impoppable Mode (Requires Hard and ABR modes first to be completed).

The method will be almost the same in all beginner maps and I’ll write here the order or towers + upgrades, and then several images:

  1. START with Sauda near the entrance, covering 2 paths at same time if possible as seen in some images below.
  2. Place Free Dart if you want, mostly good when Sauda is only covering 1 path.
  3. Buy a 020 Wizard at entrance, but be careful because we will upgrade him into Prince Of Darkness (POD) so IMPORTANT make his future POD range not to be in the end of the track so it doesn’t affect the golden Bloon. A good example of this is in the very images below in Lotus Island as the “ghost ballons” will be spawning only at half of the track.
  4. Start building your Ice Monkey to 310 before the first Golden Bloon shows up, important to get the middle path upgrade first to stop the Golden Bloon at the spot.
  5. Next upgrade the Ice Monkey to a 410 as it will grant both Lead + Camo surely before the Camo Golden Bloon shows up, you should get this at round 32.
  6. Upgrade Wizard to 022.
  7. To defend the MOAB from round 40, I recommend a 230 Cannon and a 203 Tack and try placing these all togheter for a Village later, covering 2 tracks at once if possible for certain maps for maximum effect. Also use Sauda Ability once MOAB is destroyed and round should be no problem!
  8. After round 40, I plan on a 023 Banana Farm to help a bit, the faster you build the better.
  9. Upgrade Ice Monkey to 420.
  10. Upgrade Wizard to 025 (POD). It will cost over 30000 but around round 58 you finally get him.
  11. Use Sauda abilities whenever you feel like it, I only used her first at round 40, but a reminder if anything happens, Rounds 76-79 sometimes are tricky with a lot of Ceramics.
  12. Buy Village near entrance to boost the POD, Sauda and Tack and upgrade it to 220.
  13. Buy New Village into MIB (230 Village) near the Ice Monkey.
  14. Upgrade Tack to 205. Till here it should be done before round 80.
  15. Upgrade Entrance Village to MIB (230).
  16. Buy a Spike Factory at the very end of the track near the MIB and upgrade it to a Perma-Spike (025 Spike Facotory) and set it on Smart Mode, this will be a safety messure against any passing by bloons.
  17. You will have almost 30000 cash to spend so anything is welcome to defend against the BAD, I only prefer to use 2x Alchemist 401 at both MIBs for extra damage.

Images Of Process Above Phase By Phase

Initial setup with Wizard and Sauda:

Ice Monkey near end of track and upgraded:

Pre Round 40 Setup, use Sauda ability once MOAB destroyed:

Mid Game Setup:

Village Range:

Round 71 Fortified Golden Bloon:

Pre Round 80 Setup:

Round 83 Golden Bloon:

Round 94 Golden Bloon:

Round 100 Complete Setup!

Ending result:

Images Of Some Beginner Maps At Round 100

Here are some images on Beginner maps right at round 100 that will help where to put the towers so it can give you an idea of how to set all up.

(Still beeing updated will add as soon as I keep finishing the maps!)

Thanks to Psycho for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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