Bloons TD 6 – How to Get a 5TH Tier Insta Monkey

It’s how you get a 5th tier insta monkey. they are very cool and epic.


5th tier ninja. (i got one )

Look at this beauty. its amazing. im gonna use it to beat logs easy mode, the hardest challenge in the game.

Honestly i just had to beat cubism on easy, then i immediatly got bombed irl and got a 5th tier ninja from the remains of my house. then i plugged in the suspicious looking usb stick and my pc ate my leg. but i ended up getting a 5th tier ninja from it, so its alright!


so you just press this button to turn on text to speech? wait no speech to text hahaha cool

thats really cool, i like that becau- AAAAAAAAAAAaa what are you doing that is MY speghetti and NOT YOURS gimme my pasta and go away. i want nomnmonmonmnonmonmnonmonnm some water or something. hey can you tell me how to turn off speech to text i dont know how to turn it off and i don’t know man, i dont know if my fbi agent would like this cus it looks like im cheating on him with some program. you know man, i love you. no homo though, i dont want none of that gay stuff.

fbi man? is it gay if i have socks on? no. So i can smash my homie and have socks on, and its not gay? only if you say no homo bro. okay, thanks fbi man. HEY BRO, lets go to my room and wait is speech to text on? OH GOD HOW DO I TURN IT OFF oh its just this button right here


Bloons TD 6 has released on June 14, 2018 on Steam. This guide was wrote by Corrupt_Angel

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