Blue Archive: How to Level Up Your Characters

Here is a guide on how to level up your characters (students) in the Blue Archive efficiently. enjoy the game.


How to raise the level of a character (strengthening method)

You can use the report to strengthen your character (student)!

Explaining how to raise the level of a character 1

You will need a report to effectively strengthen your character. You can raise the level by using the report on the character page, so let’s actively raise the level of the character when you get the report.

Experience points can be earned even if you clear the mission

It is also possible to raise the character’s level by clearing the main missions. However, the amount of experience you can get from the mission is very small, and after the middle stage, it will be about the tears of a sparrow. Therefore, basically, let’s be aware that we will raise it in the report.


Efficient character level raising method

Collect reports in base defense

Using reports is the most efficient way to level up your character. The report is a special mission | Base defense can be collected most efficiently, so if you want to prioritize raising the level of the character, it is better to go around the base defense. Also, the higher the difficulty level of base defense, the better reports you can get, so you can collect reports more efficiently by choosing the most difficult difficulty level that you can clear.

Base defense is a mode in which a large number of enemies attack, and characters (students) with range attacks such as Hifumi, Nomi, and Tsurugi can play an active role. Aim to clear 3 stars, as you can make efficient laps by clearing up when you reach 3 stars (S rank).

Precautions for raising the character level

The character (student) level upper limit is the same as the player level

The character level can only be raised to the player level. In other words, when the player level is 10, the character (student) level cannot be set to 11.

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