Blue Archive: Progression Guide (How to Proceed Efficiently in the Early Stages)

Here is a full guide on how to proceed efficiently in the early stages of Blue Archive game. Since we explain in detail the recommended lap places,  characters, and training in the early stages, hope this guide will help you.


How to Start efficiently in the early stages

1.Simple chart of how to proceed

Order procedure
1 Perform a resemara and get the character you are looking for
2 Clear 1-4 and release special request
3 Clear wanted
4 Open up manufacturing and increase the comfort of the cafe
5 The goal is to clear mission ” 6-1 ” and fight against tactics.

2.Opening conditions for each content

List of main contents Opening conditions
Special request 1-4 clear
Cafe 2-1 clear
Schedule 2-4 clear
Fugitive warrant 3-1 clear
Manufacturing 3-2 clear
Total war 4-1 clear
Tactical competition 6-1 clear


3.Finish the tutorial and do the Resemara.

You should first do the “Resemara” to get a character of high rarity. It is recommended to aim for two or more 3 stars since you can get a definite 3 star in the first 10 rounds.

Although characters with less than 2 stars will eventually become stronger, there are many opportunities to obtain them later on in the game, so actively aim for 3-star characters with low availability.


4.Clear 1-4 and unlock special requests

If you clear missions 1-4, the “special request” will be released. Special requests will unlock quests where you can get items such as credits and reports (student experience points), so first clear 1-4 so that you can go around the special request.

However, since the amount of reports obtained for base defense in the early stages is small, it is recommended to start from base defense D, which gives an intermediate report if you go around.


5.Clear Wanted Every Day

After clearing 3-1, the wanted list will open up. The skill-enhancing materials available in the Wanted section have a very low drop rate in the missions, and are almost impossible to obtain outside of the Wanted section.

Therefore, make sure to go around the Wanted list for your daily tickets, as you can get a lot of valuable skill enhancement materials. In addition, if you pay for the Monthly Pack, you can get a Wanted Ticket every day, so if you are having trouble raising your skills, you may want to consider buying one.


6.Open up manufacturing and increase cafe comfort

3-2 in production after opening the Let’s raise the comfort level of the cafe. Comfort can be increased by installing furniture that can be made by manufacturing, so it is recommended to actively make furniture after opening the manufacturing.

Get the cafe equipment core by clearing 3-5

How to progress efficiently in the early stages of the game4You can also rank up your cafe. When you rank up your café, your comfort level will be increased, and you will also be able to get more credits and AP per hour, which will help you progress more efficiently.

You can get them at 3-5, 6-5, 9-5, and 12-5, so be sure to attack the stages you think you can clear as soon as possible.


7.Clear 6-1 and proceed with the tactical battle!

As an early goal, let’s first clear the mission 6-1 to open up the tactical battle. The tactical battle is a PvP content where players’ characters fight each other automatically, and you can get a large amount of blue brilliance stones by improving your ranking.

Easy access to blue brilliance in tactical battles.
It’s easy to advance to around the two-digit rankings because they are all NPCs. On top of that, if you get to around 100th place, you can get about 7,000 blue gems, so if you are still low in the rankings, you should definitely give it a try.


Recommended organization/characters in the early stages

Explosion type recommended formation/character (low-rare)

striker Special












Explosion type enemies often appear in multiples, so it is recommended to use characters that can make range attacks in the early stages.

You can also find the recommended low-rare characters for the game from here.


Recommended lap place in the early stage

Let’s go around the 4th and 5th missions (4-1 ~ 5-5)

The recommended lap location is Area 4. From the 4th area, Tier 2 equipment will drop, so you can raise the character’s abilities. Since the effect of equipment is great, it is recommended to prepare the equipment of the main characters when the area where the equipment can be updated comes.


Go around the hardware and get the divine name and equipment

It is also recommended for hard laps as you can get the god name characters and equipment. Hard has a higher AP consumption than normal, but the drop rate of equipment is high and the god name character is also dropped. If you want the equipment you are looking for, first, clear the hardware 3 times and then go around the normal.


We also recommend going around the base defense!

There is a tendency to run out of reports that are items for student experience points. Basically, you can give priority to collecting character equipment, but since the status increase value for each level is high, it is also recommended to go around the base defense and collect reports if you really get stuck in the mission.

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