Borderlands 3: Save File for All Emotes, Selected Skins and Trinkets

All emotes (emotions) for each vault hunter. Some skins for heads, characters, weapons, as well as weapon trinkets, room decorations and echo themes.


Few Words Before…

I assume my save is used by someone who played the game at least once. Why so?
Because a lot of cosmetics drop naturally, and some from my findings can be already known to you.

How do I get the emotes and cosmetics?

Navigate to the storage bank and retrieve them from it.
Either ask a friend to load up my save, or contact me so I can drop all the needed goodies.

It says “all emotes”, but there are only 6!

a) Players start with 4 basic emotes: Cheer, Laugh, Point, Wave.
b) Crazy Earl sells another 6: Chicken Dance, Death, Finger Guns, Heart, Kick Dance, Robot Dance.
c) Last two will be sent to you via the in-game mail system after completing Good Prospects crew challenges (Crossed Arms) and Most Wanted crew challenges (The Worm), which are in DLC3.

Will there be more cosmetics?

I plan to add missing heads, skins and other bits, however, not going to update the uploaded file because of 1-2 items.
Feel free to share any missing cosmetics, so we can build up a complete collection.

Right. The save file is:

Emotes (Emotions)

There are 6 unique emotions for all 4 characters.
Curious what these and others look like?

The Handsome and Make it Rain: DLC1. The Handsome drops from the Jackpot boss. Make it Rain falls from any goon. never seen robots drop it.

Portal and Marry Me: DLC2. Portal high chance to get from either Tom and Xam. Marry Me only from Eleanor and the Heart.

Rage and Mindblowing: DLC4. These two have high rate drop from Evil Brick and Evil Mordecai.

Character Skins

Creature of the Night (Operative,
Ectoplasmic (Gunner, Operative,
Extreme Caution (Beastmaster, Gunner,
Hyperion Beast (Gunner, Beastmaster,
Jungle Jams (Operative, Siren, Gunner,
Labradortilla (Beastmaster, Gunner,
Ravenous (Siren, Gunner,
Splatter (Beastmaster, Siren, Operative,
Sure, Why Not? (Gunner,
Teal Appeal (Operative,
Tentacular Spectacular (Operative, Gunner, Siren,
Trippy Hippie (Gunner,


Abyssal (Beastmaster,
Action Figure (Beastmaster,
Animatronic (Beastmaster,
Astral Empress (Siren,
Bird Collar (Siren,
Black Eye (Gunner,
Chaotic Hood (Operative,
Crownin’ Around (Operative,
Cry Havoc (Siren,
Devilish Rogue (Operative,
Eyes on Target (Gunner,
Fresh to Death (Gunner,
Lumin4cry (Beastmaster,
Mane Event (Siren,
Mendic4ant (Beastmaster,
Mind Slayer (Siren,
One Last Job (Operative,
Outlaw (Gunner,
Ronin (Operative),
Simulacrum (Beastmaster,
Starry Eyed (Siren,
Strange Angles (Gunner,
Thinking Clearly (Operative,
Toxic Behaviour (Gunner,
Wired Science (Siren,
Yok4i (Beastmaster,

Weapon Skins

Deep Nebula,
It’s Poop!,
Ink and Kill,

Weapon Trinkets

Adapt and Overcome,
Born to Kill,
Explosives Enthusiast,
Frakkin’ Toaster,
God-King’s Bling,
Hunter’s Patch,
Just in Case,
Li’l Chomper,
Nothing Gold Can Stay,
One Shot,
Siren’s Mark,
Switch Hitter,
Tactical Tentacle,
Track and Destroy,
When in Doubt, Chuck it,
Who Needs Gods?,

Room Decorations

Bellik Trophy,
Casino Banner,
Core Lamp,
COV Wrench,
COV Hammer,
COV Bat,
COV Sword,
Golden Buzz-Axe,
Handsome Jackpot,
HBC Poster 2,
HBC Poster 6,
High Noon Clock,
Jack Mask,
Killavolt’s Shield,
Krieg’s Mask,
Krieg’s Moon,
Lunatic Shield,
Memory Orbs,
Mounted Ratch,
Mouthpiece Mask,
Mouthpiece Speaker,
Phycho Buzzaxe,
Private Eye,
Psychoreaver Trophy,
Psycho Mask,
Rampage of the Gorgonoth Poster,
Seven Smuggers Poster,
Talking Fish,
Trooper Shield,
Use Protection,
Western Portrait 2,

Echo Themes

Antique Chic,
Birthday Dawg,
Chocolate Bubblegum,
Clear Plastic (Cherry),
Clear Plastic (Dozer),
Clear Plastic (Ice),
Clear Plastic (Steel),
Electric Cell,
Executive Line,
Eye Pad,
Game Comrade,
Grapevine Hotline,
Hot and Cold Call,
Industrial Chic,
Local Service,
Pepperoni Dream,
Rocky Talkie,
Tattoo Transmitter,

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