Boring Man – Online Tactical Stickman Combat: Weapons Guide (V2 Version)

This is a comprehensive guide on what to expect from the weapons people use in the v2 version of Boring Man, I will describe this with a level system

Skill (As in Skill Level): Beginner – Low – Mid – High – Top
Situation (Usage): Depends
“Rating”: a 1-10 system, taking power and skill required into consideration


Handguns / Dual-Wields

“Pocket-rifles and Handcannons.”

Skill – Beginner to Mid
Usage – Beginner or Dual Wielded
“Rating” – 5-6/10

Extras: This is not a good gun, it’s outclassed in many ways, mainly by Compact Pistols. However, it doesn’t have that much going against it, you can use it to better use than the Silenced in most cases since the fall-off isn’t as bad.

Underwater Pistol
Skill – Dumbass
Usage – Drone
“Rating” 5/10 (with drone) 1/10 (without drone)

Extras: The damage of this is actually halved if you’re holding it and you fire out of water, but it doesn’t recognize that if it’s on a drone. Like 39 damage to the head at point-blank, kills in 4 shots. Underwater Rifle does it better.

Silenced Pistol
Skill – Mid to Top
Usage – Dual Wielded(?)
“Rating” 4-5/10

Extras: 4x headshot damage is good normally, but the damage fall-off is horrendous, I wouldn’t recommend it normally. There’s no real reason to use it over the normal pistol when the fall-off is so bad, it’s hard to use and not reliable at all. Requires close-quarters to get any use out of it.

Compact Pistols
Skill – All skills
Usage – A filler to a set
“Rating” 8/10

Extras: If you can mash, It’s definitely a good option, it does AR level damage and can fire faster, is light, and has a good reload, plus it’s a Dual-Wielded weapon in a single slot. Doesn’t suffer from fall-off as much as you’d think it would.

Skill – Mid to High
Usage – Dual Wielded or normal
“Rating” 7/10

Extras: RNG is the name of the game, fan that hammer and pray to god it hits. 50 to the head, like 18 to the body, rush-down is absurd with it if you can land shots. (Or just get lucky.)

Skill – Beginner to High
Usage – Dual Wielded or UliZ
“Rating” – 7/10

Extras: Just use Light SMG, boi.

Compact UZI
Skill – Beginner to Low
Usage – As a joke
Rating – 0/10

Extras: I removed the quotes on “Ranking” just to emphasize how bad this is. Worst weapon in the game rn and doesn’t even have a “meme” associated.

Sawed Off
Skill – Beginner to High
Usage – Dual Wielded or you’re Durdge-o
“Rating” – 6/10

Extras: Use any other shotgun.


“Baby ARs.”

Light SMG
Skill – Low to Top
Usage – Slot Filler
“Rating” – 9/10

Extras: The arguable best slot filler in the game, with the basic AR being the only other one.

SMG (P90)
Skill – Low to High
Usage – Slot Filler, used by Me and Durdge-o
“Rating” – 8/10

Extras: Reload speed is the only thing making this worse than the Light SMG. Super reliable and heavily underrated, potentially outclassed by LSMG if you have a heavier loadout. Use them interchangably, there is no “better” one.

Power SMG
Skill – All
Usage – Yes
“Rating” 10/10

Extras: Arguably the best automatic gun in the game, 40 bullets, 4 shot to the head, and absurdly light. Crutch worthy, could be DB-teir honestly once the community catches on.

Underwater AR
Skill – Dumbass
Usage – Drone and Underwater
“Rating” 10/10 (with drone) and 4/10 (without drone)

Extras: The same deal as the UW Pistol. Has Drone spaghetti, but this time you’re actually good if you use it underwater.


“They’re the same thing besides DB.”

Skill – It’s a crutch
Usage – Universal
Rating – 10/10

Extras: check the skill section

Pump Shotgun
Skill – Requires thinking
Usage – If they own the Artifact
Rating – 5/10

Extras: A bit of a mess compared to the other shotties due to having no range, making it the only “”true”” shotgun in terms of range and playstyle, which coincidentally makes it suck. Only used for the Arti.

Trench Gun
Skill – “”High””
Usage – Competitive, but too honest to use DB. Tryhard.
Rating – 8/10

Extras: The best “legit” shottie. The same gimmick as every other shotgun except for the fact that it has range. Only used because the player refuses to use DB.

ARs and DMRs

“The name says everything, Assault Rifles and Designated Marksman Rifles are what fill this in, and there are a few of ’em.”

Assault Rifle (‘Merica)
Skill – All
Usage – Slot Filler
“Rating” 10/10

Extra: The “best” slot filler in the game, what else can I say?

Power Rifle (AK)
Skill – Mid to Top
Usage – Fragging Tool
“Rating” – 8/10

Extras: Dumb headshot damage, Power SMG’s brother.

Skill – Mid to Top
Usage – Fragging Tool
“Rating” – 10/10

Extras: Really Really Really Really Really Really Really good. (Sorry Gengis but I refuse to say that this is 2nd best in the game. It’s like top-5 tho.)

Long Rifle (Famas)
Skill – High to Top
Usage – Fragging Tool
“Rating” – 9/10

Extras: One of the hardest guns to use, but a really good one if you can. All-arounder that has a little nudge almost making it a master of all. Can do whatever it wants but you have to play well to get that, basically Fox from Melee.

Long-ranged weapons

“Snipers, Levers, and ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t. Oh My!”

Lever Action
Skill – Mid to Top
Usage – Fragging Tool
“Rating” – 8/10

Extras: Hitscan is wack. 2-3 Shot is wack. Potential RNG spaghetti with the right-click. What’s not to love?

Sniper Rifle
Skill – Top
Usage – Sniper Crew
“Rating” – Don’t use it /10

Extras: This will ♥♥♥♥ over your entire playstyle, this will ♥♥♥♥ over your sense of skill, and this gun will take you ♥♥♥♥ing forever to master, it’s a hell I decided to take, and I love it personally, but I understand that it’s way, way too hard for most peeps to religiously use this.

Skill – Mid to Top
Usage – Drones and Chip Tool
“Rating” 7/10

Extras: Hitscan and a scope, only 40 damage but it’s good at chipping. SURVIVAL THO

Skill – Low to Top
Usage – Spam
“Rating” 8/10

Extras: Spam

Skill – IDK
Usage – Spam + Fragging
“Rating” 10/10

Extras: ♥♥♥♥ you Clientside.


“Boom! Boom! Acka-lacka-lacka- Boom!”

Grenade Launcher
Skill – ♥♥♥♥ you
Usage – ♥♥♥♥ you
Rating – ♥♥♥♥ you

Extra: ♥♥♥♥ you

Heavy GL
Skill – Low to Mid
Usage – ♥♥♥♥ you
“Rating” – 8/10

Extras: No range, doesn’t linger. For people too honest to use the GL.

Rocket Launcher
Skill – All
Usage – UliZ or movement
“Rating” – 8/10

Extras: Clientside! Yay!– Who uses this?


“Random ♥♥♥♥, melees, magic, and some other ♥♥♥♥.”

Skill – High
Usage – Meme
“Rating” – Better than Knife /10

Extras: Actually better than Knife somehow. If you have a Knife just throw it so you can instantly upgrade, it’s like Zelda in Melee. On the other hand however, for whatever reason this weapon actually requires more skill than a lot of others on account of the fact you have to do a fighting game input in a 2D Shooter, also requiring hefty timing for just getting the hitbox to connect or using the block function against another fist user.

Skill – High to Top
Usage – Movement or joanum
“Rating” – 7/10

Extras: Very map dependent. Can really apply to any map with the aide of bhopping but performing bhops with it requires insane timing.

Skill – No /I have the artifact… :<
Usage – I have the artifact… :<
Rating – No /I have the artifact… :<

Extras: Why was this nerfed so much. (I have the artifact… :< )

Skill – No
Usage – Sk8 or meme
“Rating” – 3/10

Pro – Parrying does half their HP!
Con – Parrying only works against Melee.

Skill – No
Usage – Movin’ that gear up.
“Rating” – 5/10 (CTF) and 1/10 (Anything Else)

Extras: Absolutely garbage outside of CTF and decent in CTF.

Skill – High to Top
Usage – Survival or Durdge-o
“Rating” – 6/10

Extras: Very hard to quickly setup shields, requires extreme movement to make up for the ♥♥♥♥♥♥ speed of the projectiles, and has mediocre damage. It has a similar problem to the Sniper Rifle, requiring so much effort and dedication it’s not really worth it. It’s free in Survival tho, lol.

Skill – Mid
Usage – Spam or 1_1
“Rating” – 7/10

Extras: Weird. An odd keymaster? A long-range spam machine? A choke-point destroyer? An all-arounder? It’s odd, it really can do whatever you want it to do, with the major downside being how damn slow the projectiles are. Insanely unexplored.


“Read the name, dammit.”

Skill is removed for this part of the category and Rating is compared with other consumables, they’re very one-note and currently there’s no reason to give them a Skill rating when it’s a simple as using your awareness to the fullest extent, however other throwables have more thought.

Usage – Groovin’ / Morphine.
Rating – Yes /10

Extras: Read the section on GL. The only thing holding it back is the fact you only have two nades without ammo packs.

Usage – Fragging
Rating – 8/10

Extras: Fire isn’t that good. However, the throw angle is ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t and I love it. Essentially just a frag-nade that you can’t accidentally trip over.

Usage – ♥♥♥♥ you
Rating – 3/10

Extras: Does little to no damage. Stuns, annoys, drops weapons, and…. it’s not good. Does emotional damage though if you’re cheesed out by it.

Usage – ♥♥♥♥ you
Rating – 1/10

Look up at the section above on EMP. Except this time they have the chance to kill you while stunned if they just start flailing about, this weapon can also be entirely countered by simply having map-knowledge and general awareness.

Heal Nades
Usage – ♥♥♥♥ you
Rating – ♥♥♥♥ you /10

Extras: Using this outside of Survival is rude. Really good.

Gas Nades
Usage – Anti-Heal nades also annoying poison
Rating – 6/10

Extras: Counters Heal Nades so yes, is good for that. Poison is omega dumb too.

Usage – Yes
Rating – Yes /10

Extras: Best weapon in the game.

This section does get a skill rating, as these are “throwables” but not consumable.
Usually these require a little more thought and overall require more attention as you have to retrieve your weapon.

Skill – Mid to Top
Usage – Crowd-control / Memeing
“Rating” – 9/10

Extras: ‘Stralia Mate, this thing can cheese out kills easily. Vertical maps yield free kills. If you’re not careful you’ll drop the thing and take damage, which usually spells death, making it super scary to use at times.


“<Insert funny quote here, haha.>”

Usage – Everyone under the sun
Rating – Passive /10, yeah.

Extras: Makes verticality your ♥♥♥♥♥. Sure you don’t have nades, sk8, or what-have-you, but you really can’t go wrong. It’s more-or-less a brain-dead pick.

Usage – Speed (I love this)
Rating – 10/10

Extras: Deadass probably the best grenade slot item, the speed it provides is absurd and can make any loadout viable.

Suicide Vest
Skill – Press F
Usage – Plan B
“Rating” – 2/10

Extras: The explosion is deceptively big, like many player’s egos, is easily avoidable and doesn’t even auto-explode. Sad.

Skill – Mid to High
Usage – Drone.
“Rating” – Drone /10

Extras: There’s a lot of ♥♥♥♥ you can use drone for, fragging, intel, grabbing ammo/health to starve the enemies of it, and also just being a nuisance, overall a decent tool. What stops it from being a tool that everyone can use is simple, positioning and awareness. Most of the time if you’re stuck in a drone you’re very predictable and it requires an expert’s touch to get past those downfalls and the lack of a jetpack.

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