Boson X: How to discover Anti X Boson

This guide will tell you tips to help you pass the last level, (not crazy stuff but useful).


Step 1 : Reach Anti X Boson
For those ones who’ve don’t understood it. You need to complete (reach 100%) Anti Y Boson. Let’s just make that clear.

Step 2 : How To X Boson
The tips are just simple :
– Focus on the platforms and don’t panic just because it’s super fast.
– Tryhard and don’t give up
– Don’t be afraid to die and prepare your ♥♥♥♥
– Follow the conduit

And then, after all your hard work, you’ll be proud to say that you manage to beat it !

If this guide was helpful (i don’t think but, whatever) tell me by comments!

Post Author: Robins Chew