Brick Rigs: How to Give your Vehicles Steering Systems

stuck on giving your first car steering? learn how to give your Vehicle steering here! it’s very simple and quick to find out how


How to give your vehicle steering
it may sound complicated, but it is super easy, find out in these 4 steps
1. grab a axle (same type as the drive axles) and put it in the desired position
2. select the axle
3. in the “steering” settings, type in a number above 20 (60 max)
4. put a wheel on and spawn (note: disable “has hand brake” option in the “drive” settings if the steering axle is also the front axle)
additionally, to make axles steer backwards, all you have to do is put a “-” symbol before the number you enter!
(when having inverted steering, the steering icon will be red instead of green)

and just like that, you’re good to go!

tell me if this worked for you and any problems you have in the comments section below this text and i will respond in the comments section within 24 hours

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