Brick Rigs: How to Play the Older Versions (Download & Run)

The old way to do it got patched, so now we have to use a different way



The old way of doing this was to download a very small program that uses a memory patch to re-enable depot downloading within the steam console. Unfortunately, this was removed and the memory patch no longer works.

This time we use SteamRE’s DepotDownloader, which allows you to download depots using the app on the command line.

Downloading Tools

First off, we need to actually download the tool.
Go to and click on Releases.

We want to download the newest release.

Click on depotdownloader-[version].zip and save in your preferred location.

Open the .ZIP and extract all to your preferred location

Opening the program

Go to the folder you extracted the files in and click on the title bar

Type in “CMD” and hit enter

This will open a command prompt window in the folder.

Downloading Depots

The template for downloading depots is:
dotnet DepotDownloader.dll -app <id> [-depot <id> [-manifest <id>]] [-username <username> [-password <password>]] [other options]

Find versions manifests here:

For brick rigs, the basic command line structure will look like this:
dotnet DepotDownloader.dll -app 552100 -depot 552101 -manifest <id> -username <username> -password <password>

For example: dotnet DepotDownloader.dll -app 552100 -depot 552101 -manifest 3539046982062625224 -username user1234 -password pass1234

The <username> and <password> mean your steam username and password.

If you have 2 Factor Auth enabled, it will ask you for your code.

Running your downloaded manifest

Once the manifest has downloaded, go back to wherever you saved DepotDownloader and click on the newly created folder called “depots”

Then navigate to 552101, and then to the numbered folder (can change).

Open a new explorer window and go to your brick rigs install folder. Default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Brick Rigs

Move (or delete) the existing files in the folder.

Keep that window open and go back to the folder with the downloaded files.
Drag those files (excluding .depotdownloader) into the other folder.

Go back to Steam and hit Play!


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