Bright Bird: Achievements Guide

This guide is only a reference on how to get every missable achievement in the game, not a full walkthrough of the game.
Most achievements are related to the story and cannot be missed except for Go To Town Together, Hidden But Beatiful Spot, Deliverer, Surprise, Curiosity, Lots of Friends, New Expectation and Perfect.
I’m not a native speaker so there might be a few mistakes here and there. Just ignore them.

1.Go To Town Together

In order to get Shu(Warlock) to join the team, you need to give the right answer to Wu(Wizard)’s question(Five) and make sure that he follows you.
Then you should go to the cave near the village where you initially set out, talk to Shu and ask him to join the team


In the red bamboo forest, you‘ll go through a place where 5 stone statues stand.
Manipulate these statues and change their face expressions into grimaces. Qiu(Prisoner) will appear and join the team.


In the Chaotic Region, you will encounter a mechanical device with an eye rolling according to your motion.
Move from side to side beneath it until it gets confused.

4.Hidden But Beautiful Spot

In the Palace Region, you will come to this spot if you pass the long corridor. To achieve this, you should jump into the gap ahead before you manipulate switches to fill the gap with water.
Numerous jade can be obtained within the place but you are forced to give it back if you leave and you will never come back again later.


You need to trigger LvBanxian(Demigod Lv)four times at different locations.
The first is in the town covered by mist and rain
The second is in the red bamboo forest where the background is decorated with constellations
The third is on the vast snowfield after you leave the Palace
The fourth is at the entrance of the Sword Tomb
You can barely miss him if you don’t mind him cheating you out of jade

6.Lots of Friends

In the Chaotic Region, you will pass a fire-breathing pipeline and get to this spot. Talk to the man ahead and Zhi (Wisdom) will join the team

7.New Expectation

You have to collect six puzzle pieces before achieving this.
To obtain the first, jump into the gap in the maple woods as the picture below shows. Here lies a portal.
Enter it and struggle to reach the end point. The first piece awaits there.
To get the second, find the gap in the red bamboo forest near its entrance point. Enter the portal and walk through the long road, you will see this one.
The third one is in the Sword Tomb Region. You may encounter a puzzle that requires you to use mirrors and light to open a gate. At this spot, there is a hidden mirror in the ditch. Use it to reflect light and open the gate hidden in the cave.
Enter the portal, manipulate switches to integrate the picture below and then you can finally get the third piece.
The fourth piece is in the maple woods. You may go into a huge room where the heroine is able to see a hidden portrait. Get down to the bottom floor and you can enter a hidden room on the left. To collect the piece, you’d better get equipped with light which is two-checkpoint away.
The fifth is in the Milky Way Region. You may pass a spot shown in the picture below. Go left and open a gate, you will see the fifth piece.
The sixth is located in the factory region. You will pass two buildings in the picture before leaving the factory.
Manage to get into the semi-circular portal.
Find this chime on the background and use the trampoline to get the last piece.


You need to collect power from four divine beasts before the final battle against Chaos.
Azure Dragon resides on the mountain shown in the picture.
White Tiger awaits in the red bamboo forest where the background is decorated with constellations.
Vermillion Bird stays in the temple in the town covered by mist and rain.
Black Tortoise is in the Milky Way Region shown in the picture.

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