Britannic Patroness of the Mediterranean: How to Fix Game Crashing After Changing Fullscreen Option

Shortly after launch a bug was found when someone went to change the fullscreen option, it would crash the game and then cause the game to crash when attempting to re-launch.

While a update came out for it, some people may still have the game crash on launch. The reason for this is that the graphic settings are stored locally on the computer and it remembers the last settings that was chosen.

To reset the settings and fix the game, the following solution has helped a number of People.

1. Go to your C: Drive, then the “Users” folder, then the user folder that is currently logged into the computer.

2. in the windows file explorer address bar, type appdata at the end of the current location and then go into the local folder. The full address should look something like this. “C:UsersuserAppDataLocal” (user is the name of the user logged in)

3. Once in the local folder, find the Britannic folder and delete it, boot the game up and it should reset the graphic options and let you play and change settings again.

By Britannic: Patroness of the Mediterranean

Post Author: Robins Chew

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