Bubbaruka! Official Walkthrough & Guide

The Official guide to beating the game and getting the best ending.


Tomo’s Area (Act I)

Score 10 points on Bubby Ski Time to open the path to a house on the right hand side. Go to it.
Play Bubby Ski Time once more. Enter the house.

Proceed down the left path and enter the upper left room. Grab the key near the computer
Unlock the middle door of the first hallway.

Proceed to the northern room and enter the upper door. Pick up the key.

Return to the first hallway and unlock the right hand door.

Get the key by entering the rightmost door in the tv room and proceeding north, grabbing the key in the back room.

Return to the TV room and enter the southern door. Follow it to the chest. Unlock the chest with the key.

Proceed to the left, grab the valve.

Return to the steam machine near the northern-most room, place the valve and turn to restore steam to the disc machine and the generator. Turn on the generator and return to the TV room to play the tape. Enter the door that opens after viewing the tape.

In this room, several faceless Tomo statues are lined up on the walls, a Mow-Mow statue standing at the end. Activate the warp pad near the cat, this will be important later.
Grab the marker. You may now draw on the faceless Bubbies.

The room to the right of the TV has a painting that has the correctly drawn Tomo combination. Once you think the correct bubbies have faces, draw on the cat near the top. If it buzzes, the code is incorrect. Here is the code for the first cat:
X = Drawn
X| |O
X| |O
O| |X
X| |X

Collect the disc and use it on the disc machine, the leftmost door in the TV room.

Use the buttons on the left and right side of the machine to change discs/floors.

HIM – 2nd Floor

Enter the upper right room, and collect the VHS tape. Take note of the message on the wall. Return to the previous room and enter the left door.

Use the tape on the TV. Take note of the tones that are played. On the top of the room there is a piano. Replicate the notes on the tape to open the chest. Collect the key and exit the room.

Enter the upper right door. Use the key on the machine. The machine will give you a disc of whatever you type. Make sure you have the right word, or it won’t work on the disc machine. The word we are looking for is TAR.

Enter the lower right room. Grab the screwdriver and return to the lift

Use the TAR disc on the lift machine. Proceed to the 3rd floor.

TAR – 3rd Floor

Another cat you can draw on is at the bottom of the room, along with the hints of the code to it. Activate the second warp pad, allowing you to teleport between the first floor marker room and the third floor center room. Once you have solved the code, enter the warp pad and return to the room of faceless Bubbies.

– 1st Floor.

The order of drawn Bubbies for the second cat is as follows:

X = Drawn
O| |X
X| |X
X| |O
X| |X

Return to the 3rd floor through the warp pad and activate the cat.

TAR – 3rd floor

It will give you a tape if activated correctly. Use the tape on the TV nearby. Take note of the order of the letters. When combined with the license plates of the cars in the rightmost room, the word FIN reveals itself, and you must return to the second floor to create the FIN disc.

HIM – 2nd floor

Once you have acquired the FIN disc, return to the disc machine and insert it.

FIN – 4th floor

Beware. Something stalks this floor. The arrows on the ground always point to one of the three doors in this area. The first door we want to enter is at the very bottom of the maze.

In this room, there are pushable cat statues. Push them correctly to form a path to the image. The image will give you a shape combination: Circle Circle Square. Return to the hall. Alternatively, you can travel between rooms by unscrewing the vent cover and traveling through the vents.

The next door we want is by the top right part of the maze, containing the three shape combination.

In this room, you must interact with the shapes to get them to match the combination: Circle Circle Square. Once you have done this, press the button. A key should fall from the pipe.

The final door we want is in the middle of the maze.

In this room, simply unlock the chest and you will receive a disc. Return to the disc machine and insert it.

ART – 5th floor

Proceed to the end.


Use the arrow keys to move the flashlight. Use the WASD keys to move and the SHIFT button to run. Try to find all the coins. If you look at Mow-Mow, try to break eye contact as fast as possible and escape swiftly.

Act I Secrets and Vault Keys

A large locked gate is located in the leftmost room of the area you originated from. Once power is restored, you can interact with the computer next to the gate to unlock the lockers to the right of the TV room, receiving a birthday pass.
The computer above the steam machine will open the gate if you have a birthday pass, allowing you access to the secret Birthday room behind the gate. This serves no practical purpose.

Vault Keys

Vault keys are hidden in the game, which are needed to unlock a large mysterious vault with two locks. These vaults allow you to travel between the areas of different Bubbies, which is needed to find hidden bonus items that provide a permanent benefit. You must unlock the vault and remove the board on the other side from the other bubby’s perspective.

The second tape you watch contains a message telling you to look behind the vending machine, referring to the one by the sealed gate. Pushing it reveals a hidden entrance, inside which you can find a closet with 100 coins and a short set of music notes. Playing these notes on the piano will unlock the locked door on the TAR floor, containing the first vault key.

In the FIN floor, you can come across several rooms which you can’t access normally without the vents. One of the vent openings at the bottom of the vent system ends at a vandalized room. A note containing a shape combination is in the room as well. Using this combination in the shape puzzle room will result in the second vault key coming out of the pipe.

Miboo’s Area (Act II)

Open the game after it shuts itself, and select your desired egg.

Once you hatch Miboo, play his minigame and search the outskirts of the map for Tomo’s upper half. Interact with it, then enter the house in the center of the map once it starts to glitch out.

Go through the lounge and enter the woman’s bathroom. Grab the key in the far left stall. Enter Onaga’s office and enter the upper room. Unlock the chest with the key and grab Tomo’s bottom half. Open the closet and grab the Level 1 keycard, and return to the office. Use the keycard on the Cubicles door and enter.

Arti’s Tube Form stalks these cubicles, so beware. The louder the distorted music gets, the closer he is. Locate the upper half of Tomo at the bottom center of the map, and put them back together. Enter the generator room, now unblocked.

The generator requires a passcode. Grab Nanako’s key, and navigate the cubicles and through Onaga’s office to return to the main hallway. Use the key to unlock Nanako’s room.

There is a photo of tally marks placed in a specific formation. This mirrors the four inputs for the generator, and reveals the password. From left to right top to bottom, the code is 2, 3, 1, 2.

In formation, it looks like this.

2 3
1 2

The X representing the generator.

Upon inputting this code in the generator room, crank the generator. Power will be restored, which frightens away Arti. All electronics are now activated and can be interacted with. You are now able to enter the basement which was previously too dark.

Enter the storage room, and interact with the strange thing in the bottom of the room. Grab the level 2 keycard and return to the basement. Enter the main hallway and unlock Akarai’s office using the keycard. Grab the dining hall key at the end of the room, and return to the main hallway. Follow the trails to the basement, and unlock the dining hall on the right side of the room.

Arti’s Teeth Form stalks this cafeteria. He is slightly slower thank you, but he will charge very quickly when he first finds you, making it easy for him to catch you off guard. Keep an ear out for his screams and growls, which get louder when he is near. Advance to the bottom right of the kitche and enter through the door. Grab the key and return to the basement.

Return to the main hallway and unlock the first floor at the bottom of the map. Occasionally, the lights in this room will go out, and Arti will hunt you in the darkness. Use his flickering eyes to tell where he is and avoid him. A backup generator is in the bottom of the room, which can restore power if cranked 3 times while the power is out. If you are able to crank the generator while the lights are flickering, then the power outage will be prevented.

In this room, there are three machines that need levers. These levers are connected to the gates scattered across the map, each with a symbol next to them corresponding to the machine that opens them. Grab the key from the locker room closet and use it to unlock the chest, which will give you a lever

Use this lever on the only available machine within the confines of the gates, the Hourglass symbol machine. Upon activating a machine, Arti turns off the power and begins the hunt again. He will follow you into rooms if he sees you enter them.

Locate the lever in the mailroom, the left-most door of the map, and grab it. Use it on the swirl symbol machine at the lower left area of the map, which will unlock a gate at the lower right side of the map, as well as a gate at the middle right side, opening the server room. Locate the lever in the server room and activate the final machine in the bottom left corner of the room. Escape to the bottom door until you lose him. He will no longer stalk this area, allowing you to explore freely.

One of the symbol machines opens a gate blocking the second cubicle room in the lounge, where the level 3 keycard needed to escape lies.

These cubicles are stalked by Arti’s Claw form, which burrows underground and is faster than your bubby’s speed, but will occasionally surface and stand still for a moment. You can hear if he’s near by the burrowing noise he makes. A closet is tied shut on the left side of the maze, and a pair of scissors is on the right side. Use the scissors to cut the rope and obtain the key inside, initiating a chase with the claw. Upon escaping, the gate will shut behind you, locking Arti inside.

Exit through the front door, where you started. Enter the hole and interact with the television.


Use your arrow keys to move your flashlight around the room. Press the space bar to turn around, where an arcade game sits. You must get 50 points in this arcade game in order to win. Use sound to tell if Arti is trying to enter the room behind you, and use your flashlight to scare him away. The different forms of Arti have different methods of entering the room, so remain alert. Arti can enter through the puddle on the floor, the door on the right, the vent in the front, the door to the left, and the window on the left. You will hear arti when facing towards him, but otherwise you must listen out for the sound he makes upon initiating attack, which can be heard regardless.

Act II Secrets and Vault Keys

If you have unlocked the vault in tomo’s area, you are able to remove the board on the vault in Miboo’s area and enter Tomo’s area. For now, this serves no purpose.

The room at the very bottom of Onaga’s office contains many things. Once interacted with, they will start to laugh at you. Interact with the not laughing headless statue and push it out of the way. Access the window and grab the disc.

Enter Tomo’s area through the vault and use the new disc on the disc machine, unlocking the BET floor. This floor is very small, and only contains the first bonus item, a set of boots which provide a permanent but slight speed boost for the rest of the game.

Another vault with two locks is located below the other vault, the keys for which are hidden throughout the office. The first key is found on the rooftop, accessible after obtaining a level 2 keycard. The second key can be found in the security room in the first floor courtyard, only accessible after obtaining a level 3 keycard.

Flou’s Area (Act III)

After hatching Flou, play the Bubby Garden Time Minigame. Knock on the barn door 3 times, which will stop the minigame and begin the exploration part.

The Woods

Walk through the barn into the forest, examine the sick dog. Return to the minigame area and grab the medicine, then use the medicine on the dog.

Now the woods is stalked by the Warn infected dog, Bow-wow. He makes occasional sounds when nearby, but does not make constant noise. This means he can surprise you easier than other enemies, so stay alert and ready to run the other way.

If he catches you, you become infected with Warn. While infected, you move slightly slower. Over time, you become more sick, making you slower. After a certain amount of time, you will be killed by the sickness. Every time you are caught be an infected enemy, your sickness increases by one stage.

Grab the map, and use it to find the collection of three houses in the lower left section of the map. Enter the bottom house and activate the warp pad inside. The sign tells you to find the arrows, which you can locate using the map.

Upon finding the arrows, you have to count the number of arrows pointing in the different directions and put them in the order given, up left down right. The code for the first house is 9452.

In this house, you find a VHS tape. The tv you can put the tape in is located in the house on the right, which also contains the medicine to cure you from the Warn sickness. Find this house using the map.

In the house, activate the warp pad to allow passage between the houses. Put the tape in the TV and count the arrows in the same order as before. The code for house 2 is 2331.

Enter the house on the left. This house is linked to the house on the right, the movable blocks moving corresponding pieces of furniture in the other house, allowing access to the basement key, opening the door in the house on the right, accessible through the warp pad.

You will be chased by Bow-wow on your way to the basement, who will then pursue you inside the basement as well. Go to the room in the lower right of the map, following the arrows. Grab the can of gas and proceed back upstairs, Bow-wow in hot pursuit. Run to the boat and escape the woods.

The Cave

Enter the caves, and grab the map. Grab the medicine and proceed to the left, use it on the bat.

The caves are now stalked by the warn infected bat, Bubboo. He will wander the different maps in the cave system, sometimes entering the room you are in. He cannot see, only hear. If you move at any point as he passes through the room, he will start to chase you, infecting you if he catches you. A small musical stinger will play when he’s about to enter, which gives you a moment to get out of his path and stand still.

Use the map to find the battery powered machine in the bottom right of the caves, grab the marked map. Now you can see the location of the batteries, signified by the circles. Move to the room in the upper left and grab the transparent film. Proceed to the left and then the upper right to find a key, grab it.

Use the map to locate the room with the pickaxe, grab it. Use the map to fond the locations of all the batteries, using your newfound tools and items to retrieve them as you find them. Place all the batteries into the machine. You can now use the console to reboot the system.

Using the map to find the console, proceed to the room on the left and pin the transparent film onto the corkboard, revealing the block code puzzle for rebooting the power. Once rebooted, you can activate the gate and enter the house. Grab the dynamite from the chest and return to the boat. Place the dynamite by the rocks and blow the blockage up.

Climb into the boat. Bubboo will chase you in the boat, try to avoid the rocks as you maneuver the cave rivers.


Entering the path on the right, grab the medicine. Use it on the snowman.

The Warn infected snowman now stalks Bubbyville. He moves very fast in random directions around the city, occasionally leaving the snowman he inhabits and entering a random snowman on the map. He will chase you if he notices you as he runs around Bubbyville, infecting you if he catches you.

Enter the path on the right and proceed to the city, and grab the map on the lower right side of Bubbyville. Use the map to find the mechanic building on the top of the map, grab the tire in the parking lot.

Using the map, locate the police department and enter the building. Proceed to the left until you find the security room, grab the keys to the car and read the note indicating the car in front of foodmart.

Use the map to find Foodmart, use the tire on the car and drive it out of the way. Enter the foodmart and locate the badge half on the top right of the map and read the note to find the room number of the police officer who lost the badge.

Find the hospital and input the room number, 1394, into the elevator. Find the top and the note containing the room number for the morgue, locate the open locker and grab the other badge half, combining them into one.

Return to the police department and insert the badge in the evidence room. Proceed forward, grabbing the holding cells key and grabbing the church keys from the evidence lockers. Return to the security room and unlock the holding cells, grabbing Masaki’s key.

Locate the flower store, unlock it. Remove the drawbar from the vault and return to Miboos area through the vault. Unlock Masaki’s office using the key, grab the disc and the floppy disc.

Return to Tomo’s area through the vault, insert the disc into the lift and enter the new floor, RUN. Grab the Quadruple A batteries and insert the floppy disc in the debug console and delete the file. Return to flou’s area through the vaults.

Unlock the church, then proceed to the right. Grab the boat keys, then exit the church. Run to the boat as you are pursued by several Nubbys. Enter the boat and escape Bubbyville.

Onaga’s House

Enter the house through the front door, and proceed to the room on the right, grab the medicine. Return to the previous room and go down to the basement, the smaller set of stairs. Use the medicine on the spring bubby.

Now you will occasionally be chased by the Warn infected spring bubby, Prubble, starting after you cure the spring bubby. After escaping Prubble, enter the second floor and proceed to the left room. Enter the bathroom and grab the playroom key.

From the main entrance of the house, enter the left hallway and unlock the playroom at the bottom. Grab the crank and then proceed to the left. Grab Miboo’s corpse. Return to the hallway and prceed upward. Enter the room on the upper right, the kitchen, and grab Tomo’s corpse.

Return to the basement, and open the gate using the crank. Place the corpses on the indicated spots and continue forward. Jump down the hole.

Warn’s Final Encounter

This minigame acts as a point and click segment. You explore Onaga’s house from a first person perspective and try to enter Hikaru’s room. Warn will occasionally appear and prompt you to hide. While hiding, try to keep your light behind cover and avoid Warn. You can use Q to turn off the light to avoid detection, but if you keep the light off for too long, you will be attacked.

Grab the camera from Onaga’s room on the right of the second floor. This can be used to flash in Warn’s face, distracting him and scaring him off.

Grab the key behind the picture in the left hallway and use it to unlock the bedroom bathroom on the right room in the second floor. Turn on the hot water and read the code on the mirror, 3862. Open the drawers in the left room of the second floor, input the password into the lockbox and grab the key to the playroom. Enter the cupboard under the kitchen sink and grab the screwdriver.

Enter the playroom at the left of the left hallway in the first floor. Unscrew the crank of the jack in the box in the toy box, use it in the basement to crank open the gate. Unscrew the vent and climb into the bathroom. Grab the key and exit the bathroom. Enter Hikaru’s room and interact with the baby.

Escape the house through the vents and leave through the front door.

Final Boss Guide

The first three parts of the final boss take you through the previous first person segments with the goal of finding the knife and stabbing Onaga. After doing this three times, the true final boss begins, some information of which can be found below.

He has two phases. Phase two activates after two of his legs fall off, causing it to get slightly dark and for his attacks to increase in power.

He has a pool of attacks to choose from. Each has a specific number of times they can be pulled from the pool before he must choose a different attack. When the pool is “empty” by all the attacks having been used up, then he will reset the pool.

Attack 1: Static Ball Volley
Onaga attacks you with several static balls that injure you, but can be reflected back at him for damage using the knife. In this attack, they come from the left and right area of the screen. This is the only attack that can be pulled from twice in the attack pool. Phase 2: More static balls.

Constantly moving up and down is how you dodge this attack. Since they come from the edges of the screen, staying in the middle lowers your chances of being hit significantly.

Attack 2: Static Ball Rain
Onaga attacks you with several static balls that injure you, but can be reflected back at him for damage using the knife. In this attack, they fall from the top of the screen at random locations. Phase 2: More static balls.

For this attack it’s best to stay at the very bottom of the screen and reflect the static balls back at him. You have plenty of time to dodge from the bottom of the screen.

Attack 3: Rings
6-10 target rings appear at your location, standing still for a bit until they all move towards you, before bursting and injuring you if you are within the ring. Phase 2: More rings and more time before blast.

You’re advantage is diagonal movement. The rings have to move up and down when you can do both in one motion, giving you more speed then them and allowing you to escape. Alternatively, you can stand still until they all appear, then run away so you only have to deal with one ring.

Attack 4: Static Cannon
Onaga follows you in the background for a short while, then stands still and releases a burst of static, injuring you if you are within range. Phase 2: Faster Onaga and larger range.

Again, your advantage is diagonal movement. Like the rings, Onaga cannot move diagonally, and thus you can easily escape him if he doesn’t corner you.

Attack 5: Spider Legs
Onaga vanishes from the background, and uses his four legs to attack you from the four sides of the screen in Left Up Right Down order. You can use the knife to attack his legs, and since multiple legs are on screen at a time, you can attack multiple legs at once. If the legs touch you, you become injured. Phase 2: Each leg attacks twice, restarting the cycle after the first set of Left Up Right Down attacks.

The best bet here is to treat the it like the side static ball volley, move in a circle in the center of the screen, and take strikes when you feel confident. remember the order of the legs in order to be on the optimal side when they emerge.

Attack 6: Mow Mow

Mow mow appears from the bottom of the screen, chasing you around. Phase 2: Faster Mow Mow

This is a very straight forward attack. Every few seconds, he turns to your direction and charges forward. He is fast and has a large hitbox, so make sure to put distance between you and him.

Attack 7: Arti
Arti appears in his eye form, causing the map to become dark, and a flashlight appearing around you. Arti’s eyes will occasionally flicker on screen, and you must find him before he closes in to attack. Occasionally he teleports to a random spot on the map. Phase 2: Faster and teleports more often.

The strategy here is also straight forward. Chase Arti and scare him away as soon as possible to not be damaged a guaranteed one hit point.

Attack 8: Warn Pools
Several green puddles spawn on the map, lasting for several seconds through other attacks. These are stationary, and mostly act as obstacles during other attacks. Touching the puddles makes you sick with Warn, slowing you down for a bit before damaging you as it leaves. Phase 2: Bigger puddles

These are stationary so there is no real strategy. When having to debate between being damaged by a different attack and being damaged by the puddle, the other attack is almost always the answer, since warns sickness slows you down which makes you vulnerable to other attacks before it takes it’s health point.
Occasionally a heart will appear, touch it to regain a hit point.

Thanks to Super Nova Studios for the Official walkthrough, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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