Buddy Simulator 1984: All Achievement & Ending Guide

There are totally 30 achievements for Buddy Simulator 1984 game. here is the full guide on how to get all achievements and endings.


Achievements that you will probably get on your first run

Wakey Wakey!
Thanks for waking me up!

Obtained after buddy thanks you for waking it up – can’t really miss it if you play more than 5 minutes.

Welcome Home
Enjoy your new bedroom.

Obtained once you finish the text part of the game, and get to the 1bit house section.

The Sword
You found The Sword!

Obtained once you get the sword from the room behind your house (Tortley’s 2nd quest, if you count the flowers being the 1st one).

Sweet Dreams
Sleep so I can makes things better.

Obtained once you go to sleep after getting told to do so.

Natural Leader
Recruit your party.

Obtained after choosing your party members and going past the tree.

Our Hero!
Defeat the Snoodlewonker once and for all.

Obtained after defeating the Snoodlewonker.

Our New Town
Name the town to the north!

Obtained after naming the town.

Achievements you probably won’t get on your first run (unless you’re really clever)

Need a Hand?
Find the severed hand while fishing early.

Obtained by using the fishing pole on the pond twice in the text portion of the game.

How Does it Taste?
Try the pond water.

Taste the pond water in the text section of the game.

=([email protected]

Obtained when you get your first document log – this could happen as early as in the text part of the game, or in the 2.5D section of it.
In the text part, you first need to use the fishing pole twice on the pond – you will get a key the first time, and a severed hand the second time. Once you have the hand, use it, and have it scurry away. While you wait for your hand to come back, go to the shed (without the light/lantern on) and use the surprise. You will get a 3 digit code etched on your arm. You can type look at arm to look at it after if you forget. Once the hand returns to you, it will have a map to get you to the hidden place – go there, use the keypad, type in the code, use the box, and boom – you have the achievement.

If you’re already past that part, but still want to get it, you have to get to the 2.5D section of the game – when your game turns into your favourite colour. Once you’re at that point, you will occasionally get tugged at by your arm when there is an arm like / coloured grass poking out of the ground. Dig it out, and you’ll get the achievement.

Pet Me?
Thanks for petting me!

Pet the dog multiple times in a row, after doing that you will get a prompt asking Will you pet <buddy name>? If you chose yes, you will get the achievement.

My Button
Use the Buddy Button 20 times.

Just spam click it honestly. I mean, I guess you can just use it sparingly through the game, but where’s the fun in that?

Wish Come True
Make a wish in the well.

After watering Tortley’s flowers, you will receive a coin – go back to your home side of the pond, and throw the coin into the well on the right side of the map.

You’re So Talented
Play the drum 20 times.

After completing the quest with the band, press space 20 times while playing the bass drum. If you didn’t do it the first time playing, you can go back and play with them again, as long as you haven’t gotten past the quest section of the game.

Anywhere But Here
Leave Morton with Lloyd.

Leave Morton with Lloyd – you can find Lloyd right of the tavern, he is in the sewers. When you get down there, simply press use on Morton, and you’ll get the achievement.

Have Morton greet a familiar friend in Toot’s Tavern.

Leave Morton next to Toot in the tavern.

Friend or Phone
Discover Phoney.

Find Phoney – in order to get to him you will need to either do Rudy’s quest – first left turn after passing the gate in the North, or simply walk down to the scrap pile, and interact with the bottom of it. You will then obtain the key which you can use on the left most house in the town. Opening the door will get you inside, and you will meet Phoney – who will give you a few quests.

Leaf Me Alone
Find Treevor and leaf him alone.

Get to the 3rd quest that Phoney can give, and find Treevor – he is right next to the house. Interacting him and then leaving him alone will give you the quest.

Tastes Like Gwandma
Cook Dead Gwandma in Cauldron’s new dish.

Obtain Dead Gwandma from the bottom right house in the North, and give it to Cauldron to use in his stew. Yup, just generic cannibalism.

Good Listener
Listen to Lloyd read his poetry for 1 minute.

Once you get the gwandma back (or if you’re not a monster and never put her in the cauldron), leave her with Lloyd (the sewer guy). Doing so will complete your quest with Lloyd, and thus prompt him to start reciting his poems. Listen to him for 1 minute to get this achievement.

Free Novak
I don’t think he did anything wrong.

Once you have the sword, and get to the 2.5D/Coloured section of the game, go to the top right of the North town (right of the tavern and the band) and you will get to Novak in the cage. Smack the cage a few times with your sword by hitting shift to get the achievement.

Flawless Friendship
Make it through a fight without you or your friends getting hurt.

Get through a fight without you or your party members taking damage.

Levi the Lever
Help Levi finally find his place.

Probably one of the longest build ups for an achievement yet. It starts while you’re helping the water creature get her children back. In the bottom right part of the section, there are 4 levers, but only 3 are part of the puzzle. The right most one is Levi, and you have to keep flipping him until he leaves.
You will find him again later in the next town over – once you are in the emergency exit lever puzzle in the docks, you will need to flip working and non-working levers all to the right in order to get him moved. NOTE: The puzzle instructions only tell you to move the working levers to the right, and decoys to the left, but in order to get through this part of the achievement, you will need to flip all of them to the right.
You will last meet Levi in the sewers after the with the rats. Once you go right to the musical puzzle, you will find Levi there. Interact with him, and you will get the achievement.

A New Bard
Help Bronkh find the perfect bard to mentor.

In the last town you will meet Bronkh in front of one of the houses right of the mayor’s house – he will ask for help finding a mentee. If you keep going right, you will find an instrument shaped character – talk to him, name his song, remember his name, and tell it to Bronkh afterwards.

The Shape Gang
Defeat the Shape Gang.

In last town, go to the very top of the map, and you will see 2 crates between houses. Hit them with your sword to break them and keep going North. You will find some geometric shapes – defeat them to get the achievement.


This is it
This is our perfect ending.

Interestingly enough, the hardest achievement to get. In order to get it, you will need to agree to everything your buddy says (except when he asks if anything is wrong, you have to say no), use the buddy button like every other moment, touch no glitches, and not kill the dog.
NOTE: Personally, I have not gotten this achievement yet, but the info here is all bits and pieces from different guides. I will update this once I have it myself with more info as to what exactly goes into this.

Against the World
You and I against the world. Don’t forget that, okay?

Most common ending – just play it normally, do some stuff, don’t do some stuff, you’ll probably get this on your first play through. The most neutral ending there is.

Forgive Me
I should have known better.

Basically the genocide route. Disagree with your buddy, interact with all the glitches, do nothing that buddy wants you to do. Other than that, pretty similar to the 2nd ending.

I do not exist, because I eventually won’t exist.

Shortest ending, which involves 3 main components:
1. In the text section of the game, once you get to the house/shed/playground/pond part, go to the well, freak your buddy out.
2. In the 1bit section, try interacting with the back of the house and go to the room before you get told by Bana that it exists.
3. Once you get to the 2.5D/coloured section of the game, get to the cave through the tree line (a path that you would only be aware of if you’ve beaten the Snoodlewonker before). You can do this as soon as you take your sword back and finish the introductory fight.

I’m Speechless
Achieve every achievement in our game. You really do care.

The ultimate achievement. Pretty self-explanatory, right?

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