Burnout™ Paradise Remastered: How to Fix Black Screen on Startup

So apparently people has been booting up this game for the first time only to be met with a black screen, here’s how to fix that.


Method 1

how can this happen
As of right now, the game doesn’t seem to handle fullscreen well, which it runs by default. Origin overlay being available at all times may have something to do with it, but it may or may not be the case.

Edit: This glitch actually existed since the original PC release, and it’s somehow not fixed to this day.

Run the game in safe mode
In the steam launch parameters, try running the game in safe mode, it’s the first thing I did when i tried to boot this up for the first time.

Navigate to the config file and open it

Just go to <Hard drive/SDD>:\Users\<User>\%AppData%\Local\Criterion Games\Burnout Paradise Remastered. Double click on config.ini

The second and last step
In the display settings, look for a line that says “WindowMode=0”. Change the Zero to a 1 (Windowed Mode) or 2 (Windowed Borderless Mode)

* Despite it being called borderless, the taskbar is still showing and there could be possible sound glitches.

Credit to Lumanator

Method 2

1. Launch option: “-multithread”
2. Compatibility mode: “Windows XP SP3”
3. Disable overlays:
– Origin in Game
4. Uninstall webcam drivers

5. Download sound file from “https://download.dm.origin.com/origin/dev/NEVER_HEARD_OF_IT.SNS” copy to “C:\Programz\Origin\Games\BurnoutPR\SOUND\STREAMS\”

6. Alternatively, if Burnout Paradise on PC has been crashing early after starting your game and getting into your first car, stay behind the wheel by:
– Start a game in Party Mode, choosing 2-players, and press ‘Esc’ to open your game menu
– Open Audio Option, select EA Trax, and find Song #25, “Never Heard of It — Finger on the Trigger.”
– Change this song to Don’t Play.
– Go back, save, and return to your game.

It’s an old bug from when the game first launched on PC and still exists on the remastered Origin version, until now on Steam it still hasn’t been fixed.

The bug is mostly about webcam. There are a lot of fixes and workarounds on the internet, but basically the most common is to uninstall your webcam driver.

I have played the Origin version and had the same bug (I used a laptop), and then successfully use ONE OF these workarounds:

Credit to Angin Malam

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