Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Nov 9 Update – 2X Tier Boost Weekend, Zombies Fixes, Hardcore and Blackout Balancing And More

Treyarch has announced a new update for Call of Duty Black Ops 4, the first ever 2X Tier Boost Weekend for MP and Blackout will begin on Friday, November 9 at 10AM PT and end on Monday, November 12 at 10AM PT. Players will be able to level up tiers in the Black Market twice as fast during the weekend.

Speaking of which, we’ve made a new round of stability improvements in Zombies with today’s patch, including some crash fixes across all maps, as well as resolving specific bugs and crashes in IX, Voyage of Despair, and Blood of the Dead. See the patch notes below for the full list of fixes.

In Multiplayer, we’ve made some balancing changes to Hardcore modes to make SMGs more competitive in HC playlists, and we’re kicking inactive players more effectively to make sure your teammates are actually team players.

And in Blackout, we’ve tweaked the performance of the Paladin sniper rifle and the Concussion Grenade, and we’ll continue to monitor the effectiveness of all weapons and Equipment for future balance passes. Jump in and let us know how they feel.

Now, a look into next week: Nuketown arrives on PS4 on Tuesday, November 13! Stay tuned for a closer look at Black Ops 4’s revival of one of our most popular maps of all time. We can’t wait to jump in and play with you all very soon.

Finally, we’ve got some major game updates coming early next week. These will include new balancing tweaks, stability fixes, Featured playlists, gameplay improvements… plus new surprises as we celebrate the launch of Nuketown this month in Black Ops 4.

— Treyarch

Patch Notes Details


  • All players get 2X Tier Boost in MP and Blackout, plus 2X Nebulium Plasma in Zombies through 10AM PT on Monday, Nov. 12.


  • Stability

    • Resolved an issue that could cause the game to crash when the player is near the Mystery Box.

    • Resolved an issue that could cause the game to crash when a player dies or leaves the game when using the Staff of Ra Special Weapon in the Chaos Story.

    • Resolved an issue that could cause the game to crash when Zombies attack the player through barricades.

    • Voyage of Despair

      • Resolved an issue that could cause the game to crash when a player leaves the game while using the Svalinn Guard.

    • IX

      • Resolved an issue that could cause the game to crash when a player leaves the game during the Main Quest.

      • Resolved an issue where, if a player left a game while another player was contributing to their challenge, the remaining player would crash when attempting to complete the challenge.

    • Blood of the Dead

      • Resolved two issues that could cause the game to crash when a player fails, bleeds out, or leaves the game during portal events in the Main Quest.


  • Hardcore

    • SMGs now have a one-hit kill potential at close range in Hardcore.

    • Reduced Armor protection so that all weapons will now kill in 2 hits maximum in Hardcore.

    • Hardcore Team Deathmatch and Hardcore Kill Confirmed now allow 2 of the same Specialist per team.

  • Miscellaneous

    • Resolved an issue where players would not be kicked for inactivity in round-based game modes if the round ended before the kick timer.


  • Weapons

    • Paladin HB50

      • Slightly increased damage to reduce headshots required to take out an enemy equipped with Level 3 Armor and 200 Health from a Trauma Kit.

      • Enemies were escaping these fights with 4 Health, so we’re bumping the damage just enough to cover that gap.

  • Equipment

    • Concussion Grenade

      • Players can now change stances after being hit with a Concussion Grenade. While players will still be slowed and overall disoriented, they’ll now have new opportunities to get back to the fight.

      • With the removal of the 9-Bang from Blackout, we’ve added a scaled-back white flash screen effect to the Concussion Grenade, and will monitor the performance of these balance changes closely.

  • Character Missions

    • Changed the descriptions of Character Mission Items to clarify the unlock requirements per playlist (Solo, Duos, or Quads).


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